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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Treatise on Eruna

Added a teensy-weensy smidge more to the Budum-Ishian calendar, in that it is now partially incorporated into the table (must redesign that to be less cramped, but the important thing is that the data is there to work with now) and a fair bit on Yrrkune proper.

In the grand tradition of all culturally-ignorant white fantasy gamers, I'm blending the multitudinous and varied Orient into a single whole that somehow manages to elicit self-satisfied pride in my efforts as well as trigger my politically-correct sensibilities. Eh. What can you do? I'm really saying this more out of a bad temper that is entirely unrelated to any part of this project and I'll feel better about it tomorrow. Take it with a pinch of salt. Or an entire shaker, up to you.

I get it but yeah, this is not meant to be a treaty on the many, varied, and diverse real world Eastern cultures that exist so I would don't worry about it. Wait until you get to Eruna and you have to lump all African cultures together! JK!

Added a special month-and-associated-god table, which includes a rough conversion between Aelfarian and Ishian calendars, as well as an in-universe justification for the roughness of said conversion. By Tuesday I expect to complete my work on Yrrkune and will begin introducing a number of specialist Feats and Prestige Classes for the unique cultures that lie beyond the Vale.

And yes, with your feedback, I hope to make these Prestige Classes EARN their title, in the same way as they did before they were officially introduced in 3e - AD&D veterans may remember the difficulty in becoming a paladin or bard way back when...

Awesome! As far as "prestige classes" go for dnd 5e, do you mean different paths for normal classes or totally different classes? The former would probably be easier.

That's part of what I'd like to get a discussion going on. For example, a couple of things I'd like to introduce properly* is the path of the Blacksun Regiment, or the Ferek Shade - in its very basic form, we could make them specialist fighter/ranger or monk paths; or we could develop a more potent class path that is separate from and complimentary to those, but is commensurately harder to access; or a combination wherein a greater specialisation can be pursued by the very highest level characters.

One thing I want to avoid doing is making any such PrC feel as relatively easy to spec into as some did in 3rd edition. As much as I enjoyed several of them, the style in which they were presented do not translate well into 5e. We would need to make even entering their first level feel like a genuine accomplishment, akin to hearing about a minor artifact in your campaign, with sense of achievement of reaching their capstone similar to picking up your first epic boon.

This, I appreciate, will not be an easy task. If it turns out to be actually successful, it would still be a long-term project that I would not expect to see on the website for a considerable period of time. If, on the other hand, it turns out to be too impractical, then they'll have to be just variants on regular character classes.

*Also I want to work, and will appreciate any help offered, on developing a spell-less paladin and ranger class path for general use in lower-magic campaigns; as well as more esoteric or obscure forms of magic, perhaps not even for PC use, but for GM interest. As an example of each in the Mists of Daven, Aidan is written as a spell-less paladin, whilst Brokk is very much a non-standard wizard (and yeah, as Isolde makes ample use of my halfling writeup, as will Embla when I get to her people in the Eruna writeup proper, that's four for four! Self-referential narcissism, AWAY! ).

Ferek and Kunese names added - the latter with inclusion of the Apkaun and Shenzakushan cultural differences I forgot to add about a week ago.

Yes, I chose purely Chinese and Japanese names over Thai or Vietnamese for that list. My excuse is I want to save those for future projects. Maybe isolated Kunese diaspora in Forntol or something.

EDIT: Almost done with that section. I need to do some basic editing, corrections and so on and so forth. A fair bit of 'make it clearer, dumb-dumb!' with the rasilhi'in too, in the tables section if no other. Still on track for Tuesday completion of those two portions.


Added racial details and traits for the rasilhi'in, including their Asterian/Minotaur cousins. Obviously rasilhi'in of Vornok-ka come across as significantly stronger than the others, which typically have more specialist qualities such as Aquatic or Necrophage. May well be worth adding a GM note that having them as a PC race would not really be balanced - an effective Level Adjustment of +1, in earlier editions - but that's not something I know how to convert to 5e.

Only thing left to do is set up a specialist pool of Havenish and Ishian names, which there is no real rush for. Otherwise, it is functionally done. Mechanics for playing as a ferek may crop up in discussion later, as I work through the pure lore of Cadocia.

And in a minor brain spasm that hit when doing some reading and cross-referencing of the Monster Manual and the World of Farland, I've found a crude, temporary solution to the question of what Baphomet is working on in the mortal plane if minotaurs are not the result of his own efforts. His attention has been merely grabbed by them, in particular the Asterians...

Great! Reading now.

Edit: Excellent stuff so far. I will have some editing changes, primarily breaking out the various sub races within each new race and making sure the crunch is balanced.

Yeah, actually formatting everything in a way that looks like it makes sense is not one of my strong points. Besides, like I've said before, I just produce the content. The details are up to you.


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