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We suck at names.

We suck at names.

Can we brainstorm a few new names to replace the following placeholders?

Mortal Theurge: We already have a "theurge" class. Its previous name, "death priest", fails for the same reason, we already have a "priest". The class is a cleric class with an emphasis on healing, dark damage and vitae effects like vampiric touch, raise dead and revival.

Cosmic Theurge: Fails for the abovd reason, but it predates the above class so if "mortal theurge" is replaced this may just become "theurge". Mages who hear voices in their minds, which they believe to be of higher beings. The louder these voices grow (called "insight points"), the more accurate their spells become but the lower their defences get. Insight is also built by some spells, all wildly unpredictable, and spent by others, all horrifyingly precise.

Battle Cleric: Cleric is the name of the archetype, so this name is just lame. The Battle Cleric is a cleric class with combat passives and a heavy focus on buffs and debuffs. Good for group fights, most of all.

Any and all ideas will be recorded and a decision will be made by me and my partner.

Mortal theurge = Life drinker -or- Fate Weaver

Not knowing what cosmic theurge is about, so just going off the name maybe Abyss Walker, void seeker, or something of the like.

Battle cleric = War Canter, Combat disciple, Battle herald, war chaplain, scion of the divine battlefield

IDK. Just a couple ideas off the top of my head.

Crap. I did forget a description for cosmic theurge. I'll fix that on my break.

Fixed! With one minute to spare.

Cosmic Theurge: Madness speakers, those who say the voices words, Mind warpers, Insanity callers, Warp weavers.

We're going into overtime. New name for the pile, working title is "Cosmic Voice". Similar to the theurge, these bards perform magic using an ethereal voice, with the same list as the theurge. Except, where the theurge's voice decides their insight builders and spenders, these bards determine performance options and passives by the voice chosen.

Singer of Songs Unheard? Cosmic Cadenza? Singer of the Supernatural Songs from Space? Melodist of Musical Miracles? Seeker After Inhuman Harmonies? Semiquaver Soothsayer? Conjurer of Crotchets? Architect of Anacruses?

You've got options, anyway.

Dreadful Disciple? Dark Apostle? Harbinger of Sorrows?

Originally Posted by Mindcrime View Post
Dreadful Disciple? Dark Apostle? Harbinger of Sorrows?
For which one?


Also, first result is in. We agreed that "Herald" is a good name for what was previously the "Battle Cleric", it's one word, it sounds good, and if you add the deity or sect in there (as you usually would if you wanted to be specific about a cleric, in any game where they have specific deities or sects) it works even better, IE, "Prophetic Herald" (for a monotheist herald of the Prophetic sect) or "Herald of Ashivera" (for a polytheist herald dedicated to Ashivera).

The other classes are still open.

Second choice is in, the new bard is the "Emmisary". Seems we're going to keep using one-word names, to fit with the other classes. I was not aware this was a conscious design decision on my partner's part, or I'd have said something sooner. Third choice, the cosmic theurge will now just be "Theurge", meaning only the mortal theurge needs a new name.


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