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Game Genre?

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
*looks at Username*

*looks at signature*

You don't say? In all seriousness though, I might give my MGS game a whirl again. Though it'll probably be a few months out depending on how my sci-fi game kicks off. Stupid chemo really killed my last round of game attempts. As for Mindcrime, given the story behind it, it screams as something to slap inside a World of Darkness game. However games that grimdark on depression and mental illness, I've sworn off for awhile. My head space cant handle them again just yet.
You forgot to mention the avatar....

Which system would you use for MGS? I know nothing about World of Darkness, how does that compare with D&D? I hope that I'm not totally hijacking the thread, but this is very interesting.

WoD can be very brutal and unforgiving. However with some tweaks and rule hacks, it can be much more action movie like, and a bit less lethal right away. Rolling is based on dice pools and a target #. You can likely find the free rule set on DriveThru, if not I can see if I still have it floating on my hard drive.

I did this for the MW Wiki a few years back -

Gives a bit of a description of the system and how it works. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions about the system, as not to totally derail the thread. Unless other people want to discuss it, of course.

I've been known to go for Low/High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Action/Adventure and the like. I've also grown fond of Pet/Animal Companion themes like that in Pokemon.

Historical (adventure and/or slice-of-life stuff)
Kung-fu action (though I'm not picky, might be karate action, silat action, boxing drama, fencing action...)
Mythic heroes
Pulp Adventure
Sci-fantasy/Swords and Planet
Modern adventure games
Modern slice-of-life
Fantasy slice-of-life games
Wuxia (as long as it doesn't get int xianxia territory, which is where I start losing interest)
Space Opera
Supernatural Horror

And probably others.

I've always played DnD style high fantasy.

I'm interested in Sci Fi/Space exploration like Starfinder etc

Airship style games


My problem is I rarely have the time to learn an entirely new system so it's always been easiest to stick with what I know. I've slowly been learning 5e over the last year but it took someone running a game for Noobs to the system and a lot of patience to teach the players the rules. With that said, it's just a newer style of the same thing I've always played so I didn't go too far out on a limb there.

D&D style high fantasy
lower fantasy worlds
Shadowrun brand cyberpunk

@Everyone. Thanks for the response. As I don't know some of the genre I am going to hit you guys with some questions..

@Belus490. What is Weird War genre?

@AsenRG. What Mythic Heroes games do you like. I only have Scion and I admit it wasn't all that thrilling.
And I really don't know the Wuxia genre. What would be a good intro?

@TheRoot. You are probably already aware of this but the guy who pretty much defined Airships for D&D, Bruce Heard, has his own setting, Calidar. Naturally Airships are highly involved.

Originally Posted by RobinGoodfellow1976 View Post
What is Weird War genre?
While not the person you are directly asking, I can probably help with this one.

Weird Wars, or any "Weird" setting is basically taking a major historical point in time and putting a massive supernatural/horror twist on it, mad science may also be included into the mix. Weird Wars in particular is normally putting a twist on World War II. Dark magic, SS werewolves, zombie kamikaze pilots or robotic GI soldiers, etc.

World War I and the Vietnam War are also popular takes on the Weird War.

Deadlands is a popular "Weird" setting, set in the American Wild West shortly after the Civil War.

Yes exactly, thanks man for explaining. I usually do WWII in Weird War settings, as its the war I know most about


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