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Game Genre?

As a Weird War WWII setting, there's Godlike, where the Axis and Allies have superheroes... what's weird is that you may be a superhero, you're steel treated like a private.

Folk Lore of all types.
Pulp Swords and Sorcery ala Howard and Clark Ashton Smith
Pulp Sci-fi of the early Heinlein variety.
Any of the above with Lovecraftian cosmic horror elements (which are already built into Howard and CAS).
Westerns - Pure and unadulterated. I like my gunslingers to just be gunslingers.

While I like Tolkien and the elves, dwarves and hobbits his brand of fantasy brings with it I have grown weary of them of late. Give me human stories.

Darker stuff, mostly. Dark fantasy, dark sci-fi, cosmic horror, things like that.

Black Wyvern

I get you. My next D&D game (B/X clone likely) is rooted in 12 century England. Adventurers are not heroes, they are people who do unpopular jobs that frequently leave them dead. In exchange for this they get to buck the social system a bit, as long as they aren't too noisy about it. which doesn't keep the rest of the very stratified society from resenting the hell out of them. Very human. Mind you that is just a backdrop. It will still be D&D. Just a D&D where it is better to be suspected as a Magic-user than to be known as one.

I just came off of a six month horror campaign so I am going to rest from going to dark for a while, but I do find that all fantasy and sci-fi tends to have a touch of horror. The unknown is scary (or should be)

I generally prefer gritty fantasy (not necessarily dark, but certainly not sunny). I'm also partial to cosmic horror, as long as it fits reasonably within the bounds of the setting.

Has anyone mentioned political intrigue? I don't know if it qualifies as a genre, but it seems to me that PbP is well-suited to it, given the focus on writing and character development / interaction.

Originally Posted by RobinGoodfellow1976 View Post
@AsenRG. What Mythic Heroes games do you like. I only have Scion and I admit it wasn't all that thrilling.
Well, Scion is, to me, myth-inspired urban fantasy, and not a very good one, IMO. And I'm not even talking about the system here, which as of the previous edition had the dubious distinction of being in the top 3 of the worst ones I've seen.
I was thinking Exalted (though again, can't recommend the system itself), Agone, Glorantha when you get to the Hero Questing part, and the likes.

And I really don't know the Wuxia genre. What would be a good intro?
Well, the first part should really be getting acquinted with the genre. Luckily, movies should help. Start with "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and work from there (fair warning: wuxia and kung-fu films aren't the same thing, despite the overlap, and the examples of mixed ones).
Here's an article which contains both an explanation of some* of the differences and a list of 30 films.
There's also lots of fan translations of books from authors like JY and GL.

Then you can read a couple good wuxia games to help you imagine how that would work. The uncontested** leader is, to me, Legends of the Wulin.
It's also amongst the heaviest games I know, crunch-wise, so I'm not really recommending you to run it. But reading it and absorbing how the mechanics work should help you with a sizeable part of wuxia (the high-powered one). I tend to prefer more low-powered games, so Qin: The Warring Kingdoms is more up my alley.

*It's missing the fact that as a rule wuxia is often more individualistic, and more steeped in Daoist belief, vs. Kung-fu movies often being more about social organisation and more Confucianist. In a very rough outline of this, I would say that the kung-fu protagonist tends to fight to help a member of his family, avenging his teacher or father, and elevating the prestige of his school, and maybe is helping capture criminals. The wuxia protagonist tends to fight for friendship and even something as flimsy and unclear as love, or to promote the style he created, or just to be left in peace, and might be a rebel, or if catching thiefs, probably a vigilante...
Except, of course, in the stories where they're using elements of the "other" genre. Which happens a lot, given that they're closely related!
**IMO, and so far.

Originally Posted by Vladim View Post
Has anyone mentioned political intrigue? I don't know if it qualifies as a genre, but it seems to me that PbP is well-suited to it, given the focus on writing and character development / interaction.
I've run political intrigue online before, and yeah, PBP is very handy for it with being able to privatize certain parts of the posts. Granted, it was more cloak-and-dagger than straight political intrigue (the characters certainly dealt with internal politics of the city, but not much beyond that), but gist is there. Probably my favourite genre, followed closely by urban fantasy.


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