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Wish spell done. Don't enter if havent done QotDWP

Wish spell done.

If anyone would like to know the hidden secret of the wish spell I can and will help you. (4 players should suffice)
Did you ever wonder why 1ed, 2ed, and bout half of 3ed players go super high levels (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80) and have no fear of wish?
It's not because of ANY houserules. Nope. There is an hidden secret about wish.
Quit thinking you know everything if you think wish is all that. People, isn't it wrong, to sit there and look down at all those players (that have been playing 10-20 times as long as some of you) And were there when Gygax spoke in Dragon magazines to all the fans across the worlddddd!!! and taught them things....Like a wish perhaps?????????????
Yeahhhh. 1edAD&D people, 1981 revised, was different from 1978 original, wish spell costed the caster 1D4 years of thier life just to cast it. 2ed did NOT!! invent that. Nope. It takes 10 wishes, 10! mind you, to raise one attribute 1 point. That's 10D4 years, for 1 attribute point. Elminster and Mordenkainen, raised ALOT of attribute points. Wizards aren't exactly young to begin with. And howww exactly, did H-U-M-A-N-S, do this??? on a huge basis????? hmmmm????? hmmmmm????? hmmmm??? If you don't know, maybe THERE IS something bout that wish, YOU DON'T KNOW???
(even if started as different class, as Elminster did, you still gotta train for years to become wiz).
Remember, they did NOT have attribute increases for char. levels in those editions.

If you can rapid fire play, for about 15-20 minutes (any char will do, they will be safe in the hands of the DM/GM)
What I mean by rapid fire is we will play as fast as having a phone conversation, well close to, typing's slower than talking, but don't worry.

All that is needed is this:
1. Access to or prior knowledge of why an astral traveller has an silver cord attached to them. (so sorry no spelljammers)
2. Access to or prior knowledge of Effects that happen to you when you enter the Queen of the Demonweb pits.
3. Access to or prior knowledge of power of control Rulers of Entire Planes have in their Domains. We will use Asmodeus (why?) cause he's the funnest one. LoL
(And btw, it's because of a deal between the Archduke of Hell and the Efreets, that's the source of Asmodeus's power to withstand Prince of Demons Demogorgon and the reason why Asmodeus dies in the final battle...
(So much for making this up if it has that)
4. Access to or Prior knowledge of the Elemental Plane of Fire. (to meet the Efreets)
5. Ability to PBP fast so can be done in 15-20 minutes. I'm not going to take 6 weeks to show something that only takes the same amount of time to barbeque a hotdog.
This is an exercise only, not an real adventure. This will be a simple run through the planes, and rules gathering of those places, to show the hidden secret about wish. It will also explain why Gods had character levels in 1st-3.5 editions. And don't think you can take on a deity simply because of that, an God can drop you to your knees simply by turning on their aura.

Char level means nothing, so any level will do. You'll be traveling with the DM/GM so no worries hey?. I will not harm anyone, this is an teaching exercise only about the hidden secret of the wish spell only. There is no need to harm chars so there will be no danger at all.

Also if anyone has the actual hardcover books of 1ed AD&D Unearthed Arcana, 1ed AD&D players revised handbook(1981)
1ed AD&D DMG revised (1981) make sure it's 1981 not 1978. The books only, PDF's mean nothing. You could do me a huge favor by letting people here know that the online PDF's of those books are horribly absolutely wrong.

I.E. The Cavalier and Paladin subclass recieve 1D10 hit dice and never recieved the dragon die (old school slang) of 1D12 for hit dice rolls in a million years.

I'm thinking about buying one of the hardcover paper books of Unearthed Arcana and and have it for camera on the computer to show the pages where everything on the PDF's are wrong . And then continue my search for the 1981 phb and DMG, cannot seem to find those anywhere. UA is kinda easy to get. Just need like 50-60 bucks.

The fatal flaw of this exercise lies in the failure (or refusal) to acknowledge that 1e is not 2e is not 3e (is not 3.5, though to a lesser degree).

1e and 3.x may as well be entirely different games. What is true in one is not necessarily true in the other, and vice versa.

A book from 1e has no hidden secrets to reveal to players or GMs of 3e. It simply is not relevant.

This seems oddly reminiscent of LordDrako's Sorcerer threads on the GitP forum several years ago.

Tedronai summed it up pretty well there about different rules in different editions, and each rule set details Wish differently. Had you an interest in discussing your conclusions with others, or were you more looking for players for a 3E plane-hopping game delving deep into lore and magical research?

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