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Pictures difficult to use

Pictures difficult to use

Message: (Describe your issue or feedback here, in as much detail as possible)I'm having problems using pictures in my posts. All I seem to be able to do is use an pic once and then cannot use it again. Also I cannot seem to adjust the size of the pic, or anything else. Basically I cannot seem to do what others do here with ease. It's not an problem with the site, it's more or less I have no idea what I'm doing. Lol

The [img2=#][/img2] allows you to resize images. The # is the horizontal pixel count you want the picture to be, and the system will set the width of the image to match, then scale the vertical distance to be about the same ration as the original image..




(Note: Where you can see the tags, I had to put what's called a NOPARSE tag around it. I can't NOPARSE a NOPARSE tag, but suffice to say it works like any other tag.)

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