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I made Jesus in Pathfinder.

I made Jesus in Pathfinder.

This took me an afternoon. Something moved me. Would this be blasphemous or an act of worship? It was fun, so probably either or, depending on the sect.

Specific decisions may be questioned and I will defend them, up to and including why I’d do this in the first place. Or you could just not care, that’s fine too. I did this for me, I just felt like sharing.

I like it. My only question is why a whip?

I think this counts as Idolatry.

I love it.

It’s literally the only weapon he’s ever described as holding, when he was about to lay the holy smack down on some moneylenders that set up shop in a temple. And he wove it himself on the spot, with the intention of using it non-lethally, so it wasn’t going to be that impressive.

Originally Posted by drezdock View Post
I like it. My only question is why a whip?
For chasing traders from the temple, I'd presume.

I'm now starting the countdown for before someone questions the CG alignment. Of course we need to argue about alignment in this case!

It was a tossup between NG or CG, really, just based on actions in life. He did say “give to Ceasar what is due Ceasar,” which meant roughly, “pay your taxes” in context, but then, he also yelled at a tree in front of everyone and straight up started whipping people and flipping tables when he got really mad that one time. I went with CG in the end more as a way of emphasizing the more individualist elements of the Gospels, like the full context behind that whole “turn the other cheek” bit.

While clearly a light-hearted intention, real-world religious figures are not a permitted topic, even in Gaming Discussion. Thread closed.

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