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I need help understanding putting pictures up.

I need help understanding putting pictures up.

Hello everyone,
Yes I have read the post the URL link. However I am not finding a URL. I have a title on pictures ( example 1a03f7dfd16a7ddcf4e867deeb121e18 ) or ( Path:/storage/4F48-C621/Gallery/D&D Characters/1a03f7dfd16a7ddcf4e867deeb121e18.jpg )
Which will get this picture on a sheet,concept page?

Are you using an image that is kept in your device? If so, you'll have to upload it to an online hosting service like Imgur. That service will generate the URL that you can then use with the image tags here.

I've found one of the easiest is https://snag.gy/ as it lets you crop and edit right in the app/website and gives you a nice, short url to put in the img tags.

Also, always use img2 instead of img. Lots more control

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