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What kind of RPG games would you like to see made?

Originally Posted by Colin View Post
@tom_gore A few Weavers and myself are working on such a system at present. It started as a D20 Modern firearms overhaul and got out of hand fast, which answers the question of what happens when three engineers try to revise something.

Like Svartalf said, be careful what you wish for. There is a very sincere focus on streamlining things, but you can only reduce the crunch so far with a target like realistic firearms rules.
Nice to hear! Hopefully we can get to test your fruits of labor at some point.

I know what you mean. Realism is of course a double-edged sword. You want the player characters to feel heroic, but not to the point where they start ramboing it and walking up straight into a crossfire (unless of course that's what your game is about).

My gripes with the d20 system (for this kind of gaming) are the hit points, which don't really represent injuries in a meaningful way, especially at higher levels (levels themselves don't feel very appropriate in a spec ops setting imo), and the d20 itself, which has no curve and gives results all over the scale, diminishing the feeling of highly trained professionals at work.

At the end, I think I would be happy with a heavily streamlined version of GURPS, but even the Lite version is quite heavy on rules and modifiers, making gameplay a chore.

Hit points never were aimed to actually represent injuries, they also represented fatigue, luck and a bevy of other factors. a lvl 10 fighter with about 80 hit points is not going to be actually hit by an injuring blow until he's down to 10 hp or so, before then, the blow just gets dodged, or parried, or bangs on the armor without doing actual injury... that kind of things. I know it may seem to be doing double job with the AC system, but that's still how I see it.

This is more new thread territory @tom_gore and @Svartalf if we’re going in-depth. Don’t want to derail the purpose of this thread!

Well, to go back to subject, What I'd really like to see is a space opera game with as good ship creation rules as the old Spacemaster, but much, much more streamlined general rules than the old Chartmaster system, though I must admit that I'd still be open to wide character customisation.

I want a game that perfectly meet all my idiosyncratic needs.

More seriously, I want a steampunk rpg that melds 'weird fantasy' and 'traditional fantasy'. Preferably with some kind of class-based mechanic or at least something vaguely class like.

Something specifically designed for forum based play, taking into account all the forum tools and pbp limitations, would be interesting.

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
You want Slavic? Have I got the game for you!

Sure, it's a video game, and not a true tabletop, but it's got a great mix of strategy, tactics and all the Slavic stuff you can want. It's called Thea: The Awakening.

You can thank me later.
Thanks! I'll look into it. Being in China, getting some video games can be a chore, but I'll look around.

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
You want Slavic-inspired?
The Witcher RPG was recently published.

Technically, I also know of another setting with a Slavic-inspired regions that is "in the works", but it's been in beta-testing for years now.
Yeah. I've read through the Witcher RPG before. While it's good, I just never really felt that colorfulness that is in Russian folklore: firebirds, horses outrunning death, witches that control time and space.

Originally Posted by Vladim View Post
Something specifically designed for forum based play, taking into account all the forum tools and pbp limitations, would be interesting.
Good one! I remember years ago thinking about what kinds of forum features could be made game-like. Half thought ideas: using the editing feature to create a time travelling encounter or game. Edits would be just as important as posts; having number of posts equate to health, once your out of health you gotta write up a death post whether that takes 10 posts or 100 posts.

Mechanically, I’ve played around with the idea of a game with a systematic distinction (inspired by SWN) between “wild” d20 rolls and “controlled” 3d6 rolls. Fumbles on a 1-2, so only possible with wild rolls, and a significant risk. No criticals per se, but the margin of success matters.

First thing you get when (minimally) “trained” in a skill is the ability to do controlled rolls at your option, provided appropriate conditions are met. Advancement in a skill might very possibly take the form of 4d6 best of 3, 5d6 best of three, 6d6 best of three etc.- comparatively ungrainy, but giving a real sense of increasing competence.

So (minimally) trained characters faced with high difficulty numbers pretty much have to go with wild uncontrolled rolls, but as you progress, you’re increasingly able to treat difficult things as routine. But anyone can try something, and it allows for the “wild stroke of genius/luck” for the outsider that comes up a lot in fiction. It would allow for cute little tricks like panic causing you to lose your ability to do controlled rolls.

I haven’t worked out the probabilities to see if it’s possible to assign appropriate difficulty numbers such that the 15% chance of 18-20 on a d20 doesn’t overwhelm them, though. Might be necessary to switch the concept to 1d12/2d6, but I find that systems with such low numbers tend to make small bonuses/differences in difficulty too significant to allow for enough granularity to suit me, and I think it would probably break the “best of X” concept for advancement.

An interesting idea for such a game might also be to allow a 'build' (as it were) that plays the wild rolls hard, and so takes big gambles on big results? I mean, that lucky outsider conceit in fiction usually has them fail big time first, after all, but a way to try and game your luck (but with possibly even bigger failure if you lose hard, or something?) would fit that thematic idea.

I would like to see a RPG based on the setting of ''Avatar: The Last Air Bender'', with a more serious and gritty approach.

Originally Posted by tom_gore View Post
I would love to see a "Modern Spec Ops" type RPG, with streamlined rules for character creation, but a bit more detailed and realistic rules for tactical combat. I've tried to google around, but there are very few games made specifically for this. GURPS sort of works, but it's very heavy to play in a PbP environment and the character creation is pretty arduous.
Try Covert Op from DwD Studios


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