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Monster Breakdown: Stone Golem

Monster Breakdown: Stone Golem


I'm hoping that one of you can assist me as I try to learn and become more familiar with the monsters in 3.5. Currently, I'm trying to figure how the stats for the Stone Golem: Large Construct were arrived at. I understand the d10 hit dice, the -1 for initiative, the 20 ft speed, even the +10 BAB and +18 attack. I cannot seem to figure out where "they" got the '+18 natural armor', or 29 strength from (it would seem that the maximum strength for a large whatever is 27). Can someone help break that down for me?

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They weren't dervived, they were just assigned.

That messes with my "by the book" mentality. lol

I tried everything that I could think of, non-elite array, elite array, stacking the ability adjustments for size and could not recreate the Strength stat for the stone golem. The natural armor confounded me as well as I was for sure that I would find a table somewhere listing the AC bonuses for various materials (stone, iron, etc.). I also couldn't get the CR to work either.

But, if they're not derived and merely assigned then that explains the issues that I was having.

Thank you.

That's how all monsters are - they're just made up. There are guidelines but, ultimately, monsters just "have" abilities, and they're assigned an appropriate challenge rating based upon them. A stone golem could easily have had a lower Strength and less Natural Armour, for example, but would then be a weaker creature and would so have been given a lower CR (one would hope, anyway).

This is the same as other things, like races or classes. Where are the rules that say how many bonus feats Humans should get or how many spell slots for Wizards? They just are that way. Same with Stone Golems - the rule which tells you how much Str a Stone Golem gets is just the Stone Golem's monster entry.

They create a monster, and then ideally they test them out to see if their CR is an appropriate number. Or, later on, they merely compare it to existing monsters that are similar.

Originally Posted by Mindcrime View Post
(it would seem that the maximum strength for a large whatever is 27)
Even just keeping things to the MM1 that isn't true. A Pit Fiend is a Large Outsider with a 37 Strength. Marut Inevitables have 35. heck, even just keeping to Golems, an Iron Golem has a 33 in Strength. There a a couple other examples just from that book one could point to, but I think my point is sufficiently made.

Edit: though, if one were to try to narrow down a specific formula for how they got where they were going, you are failing to take into account the +1 to a stat for every 4 HD the monster has.

Basically these monsters just have very large racial ability score bonuses

I've spent most of my roleplaying "career" playing 2e. Just a little over a year ago I started a 3.5 version of Pool of Radiance, which has mainly consisted of kobolds, goblins and orcs (the party is still clearing the slums), which have been relatively easy to create. So I decided to try something tougher and picked the stone golem which led me to posting here. I see now that I just need more experience. Thank you all for your help.

It's not really a matter of experience. But if your party has just finished killing minor humanoids, they're probably not ready for a Stone Golem yet

Oh no, the stone golem was just a random selection. LOL

I've no intention to throw a golem at them......yet.


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