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Who wants to see nerdy knitting??

Also curious what yarn you used. The same type for the whole thing?

Thanks Butchern!

Amy, I have no idea what HOT PADS are! Sadly though, I consider knitting a rather unmarketable skill, the sheer length of time it takes to make anything complex would price it into the ridiculous range on time-spent alone So I settle myself with making fun stuff for people I like instead!

Thanks Cleo! <3 I did use mostly the same yarn throughout, it's an alpaca blend from Gjestal (adore). I'm fairly sure they're phasing it out now which saddens me as it's super soft and my favourite mitten yarn. A couple of the squares have a different yarn has I couldn't find the right colour in the gjestal - the she-ra one for example, and I think the skynet? Can't quite remember.

I can totally post more if people want to see more I make a lot of mittens and scarves!

Who is ready for nerdy scarves?

This first one is my favourite I think. It's not my pattern, it's designed by the amazing Frivolite Handcrafts. I made this for a friend and it took me a couple of months. Fully reversible, double-knit in alpaca so super warm!

Star Wars! Similarly reversable but in a thicker yarn. This one is also not my own design and a pattern can be found here if you want to knit your own! I encourage you to do so, double-knitting is easier than it looks.

And my own scarf, this one is my own design. The icon in the middle is a logo designed specifically for a Firefly LARP I was part of organising last year and represents the Dust Devils.

Okay, now I need gifts. PMing you at some point today but now... bfast.

That was SO not what I was thinking when you said scarves. These are awesome!

Very cool stuff indeed!

FYI Hotpads are those things that you use to grab hot sautée pans or things coming out of the oven. They would probably be fairly easy to make and would be cool gifts

Who is ready for more nerdy knitting?!

My latest project - a scarf based on the game Journey. When you shine a torch on it in the dark (or car headlights - safety ftw!) the glyphs all light up!


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