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A Message to You From the Staff
Good tidings, traveller, and welcome to Myth Weavers!

Here you shall find many play by post role playing games of many game systems and settings, including Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, the World of Farland, D20 Modern, the White Wolf game systems, and many more! Myth Weavers is more than just play by post games. We are one of the fastest growing role playing game communities, and our polite and helpful member base is the perfect group to come to with game and rule questions, to present your creations to, to discuss role playing game products with, share your talents with, and even just to get to know!

Our website exists to provide the role playing community with the most advanced and full play by post gaming experience possible. We plan to deliver: A heavily customized forum system that includes methods to create and manage game forums with Forumforge, an advanced and developing character sheet system based on the widely used 3eProfiler, comprehensive System Reference Documents for the D&D and d20 Modern systems, player and Game Master tools to enhance play by post gaming.

Our staff are knowledgeable and prepared to answer members' questions, and we are guided by the belief that courtesy, respect, and patience with our members will translate into the members having courtesy, respect, and patience for each other and the site as we work to constantly improve our online play by post role playing website.

The staff (Administrators and Super Moderators) extends its thanks to you for joining our site that, even in its youth, has been a source of great enjoyment and play by post development.

-- The Staff

P.S. Big Helpful Hint: Apply to the games in the Game Advertisement forum. This is the best way to get involved in a game, and has a much higher success rate than posting in the "Game Planning" forum. Trust us, it works!