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Agreed. But ultimately, I can't fault Blizzard for giving us all a free game within their already free game. It's just one more reason I continue to enjoy Hearthstone years after its inception without ever having paid any money for it. Thanks, Blizzard, for giving this cheapskate one more free thing to do in an increasingly-expensive world

That is a good way to look at it for sure. And while a way to get a legendary / pack, etc in general I welcome. Having it only be card backs for all heroes dungeon run, all heroes vs Lich King, Heroic mode Adventures, etc - I think is for the best. Otherwise it's almost a 'punish' for those who are unable to do it / until they can do it. And would add much more stress to it. I have the heroic League card back. But stopped a few into Blackrock Mountain on Heroic. And a few heroes into both Lich King and Dungeon Runs. I kind of like to start a dungeon run as a break from Constructed once in a while. And it's a nice free alternative to Arena. But in general much prefer Constructed.

Re: current Brawl... Dangit - Mechwarper. Really don't want to craft that just to get one win. Surely some others than my first opponent will run something else and/or not get to one or more right away.

*Got in my win. It was impressive to see the 608 / 608 radiant elemental my opponent priest built with many, many free Power Word Shields and then (double healths) and then an Inner Fire. But my (not really working Rogue) killed 'em turn after he created it (turn 6 or 7).

I like the idea of this Brawl - Hall of Champions. Championship winning decks from years past, with names and years of the player and deck. How cool to have your name mentioned to all players. Neat that they have the old version (at the time they were played in that champ deck / championship tournament) - like old leper gnome, undertaker, azure drake, conceal - etc. Ended up with Miracle Rogue - playing and playing against several times in 3-4 games. With 2 wins. Not planning on playing it a ton. Most enjoyed reading decks, years, player names at start.

Very neat to see the unnerfed cards.. I didn't even know they were unnerfed when first playing. I got Ostaka's rogue, so when I did a blade flurry and got some face damage in, it was pretty sweet! The Hearthstone history lesson you get with each match up is also pretty cool. This is the most interesting brawl they've had in a while.

I very much concur on all counts

Kolento lost two matches (both 2 wins vs 3 wins) and is out. Just the one pack for me (and likely many, many others).

Oh well - he's done so well so often. Margin is so small in such tournaments. I still really like him. No fury here.

Will keep an eye on Shtan Udachi (hasn't played yet) - I didn't see him in my first run through, really was thinking of picking him. Though to be honest, I might have gone with Kolento even if I saw Shtan. (Man Shtan was dominant in the tourney he won I watched, whichever it was not all that long ago - but not one of the more recent ones.)

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