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Thanks and thanks. Hope you enjoy it as well. I'm about 40 wins from golden rogue. Unlike when I got golden shaman, I'm enjoying it. Shaman, once I hit 500 I was done trying to figure what elemental / jade combo I wanted to try. (After really enjoying both either for a while at first.)

Gold Rogue. Good times. Rogue may be the coolest golden hero in that the golden dagger can last a few turns or so.

Moving onto Warlock - have like 250 ranked wins needed for it. Less for Hunter, but... lack of draw and - while all spell is neat - so much board clear in meta makes the 5 cost 4 3,3s stone less strong. (And having enough anti-aggro stuff in hunter can be rough, I've never had good luck with Unleash the Hounds.) If you can't beat 'em (CubeLock) - join em or beat em with something similar. (My tempo rogue from prior had done not too bad vs all comers.)

Cubeless Demon Control Lock. Gluttonous for their Skull - is key. If play patient and get decent draws can beat them in fatigue. Gnomeferatu, tap less, and if get DK - can beat CubeLock. (Your VoideLords help vs their late game.) Silence might be good to put in. Same for Twisting Nether. Always keep at least a card in hand - opponent will often wisely try to not overcommit as it could be Nether.

I've kind of been happy to lose to Tempo Rogue at times after playing it so much of late. Just barely won a long game vs a Tempo Rogue, was kind of bummed I did. Got me my play 15 demons quest done. And been fairly successful in about a half dozen games. Had to put in Mistress of Mixtures after several aggro in a row rolled me. Cooridor Creeper in where I used to have Abyssal Enforcer seems a good fit. Often Enforcer was an awkward play.

I'm thinking Kobold Librarian... may not be an auto-include. Rather than simply not play vs control warlock to have fatigue advantage. Bonemare or perhaps the 2 for 2 dmg lifesteal spell or Shadow Bolt perhaps instead.

**Went with one blastcrystal potion and one skulking geist. In place of both Kobold Librians.

***Just a note - the above, or slightly modified, no works in Standard. It's only good vs Cubelock it seems. Can hang with some aggro if get Defile. But ... for control I'd recommend Cubelock. or the Cube including Handlock lists. (That RS Replay has at the top deck at the moment.) Going to go for some Creeper Zoo Lock for now. Though- was kind of neat falling all the way to near rank 20 and having folks make some 'whups' plays that I often feel only I make.

Managed to clear the Kobolds and Catacombs dungeon runs with all characters finally. Rogue may have been the hardest to get across the finish line, until I got a working Deathrattle deck going and somehow dodged Waxcrafter Sturmi.

Awesome - very impressive. I'm still on just two - and when I dabble every once in a while - am more impressed with anyone who has gotten all of them.

Well my non cube control is not very good. Got to the floor of 20. Pretty good win streak has just gotten me to 15. I swapped Leeroy for DK Guldan after several games, from the HS replay list I used. As DK either would get discarded, I'd win before turn 8 or so, or lose before turn 10.

Playing Leeroy before Doomguard can work well. Especially with a Despicable Dreadlord out to kill the whelps. Also fun is vs the Spiteful Summoner Priest - if you think that's what it is with only Free From Amber and Mind Control and no Death. Can play a 1 cost 1,3 or so demon. Then coin to Bloodfury Potion. And then the other or Demonfire and buff with Crystalweaver to survive Duskbreaker. And just keep whacking face to kill them quick. Often the 8 cost or even 10 cost minion cheated out won't have Taunt.

Finally finished off the last of my dungeon runs last night.

Paladin turned out to be my biggest pain in the arse to complete. 234 bosses defeated before finally finishing it.
The funny part was it wasn't even a very optimized deck.

Treasures: Invis Cloak, Hero Power Ring, Minion Boots, and Adapt Wand
Deck: Mostly healing and lifesteal minions with a smashing of high cost legendaries.
Final Boss: Rainbow Beholder man

Gods I am glad its over......

Would have been more worth it if there were actual card packs or unique legendaries you could win.

No need to suck the joy out of it, then! It's just for fun, after all.

While rewards would be nice, I do think the mode is fun for fun's sake.. It's a nice way to play Hearthstone casually.. It'd be nice if it had an offline mode, something to do while on a plane or some other place with no wifi/reception.

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