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Well, Shtan is out as well. So no regret at all from me - he would have been my choice if not Kolento. Shtan won with tempo rogue vs something. But other than that was out 'greedied' by Sintolol in matchups. (DK Jaina win, more jades / more greedy Jade Druid in mirror match, and ... something else.)

Tom60229 won. Frozen took it to a 5th game. Both played well throughout. Big spell control mage was only brought by a few, but did very well.

team brawl. lost first time. once you know Nefarian will do dmg to all minions after gets quite a bit hurt. and then more so when even more. You know to hold back some minions. divine shield when you play a spell on her. With Windfury, and then other buffs... does well. 2nd time win.

I'm jazzed about my gold saving. start of year set goal to save for new set. figured 'floor' goal of 50g per day. Toward next set in march / april (guestimate). And, with some 80 challenges, etc - have been able to be over 100g per day - just barely, but still. Likely to be good with just earned gold packs this next set. 2nd set of year may be around August / Sept / Oct near my bday. And they are smart if put 3rd set around Christmas (again) - those easier to get actual $ for. Though I might get to where I'm 'caught up'. And am cautious in what I Craft, want to experiment with after I get what I think will be all the packs I get. Not being an Arena player, can go just earned gold.

Good changes, I think, to Ranked Ladder. To come after February season, going into March.


(I tested the link here as well, and it worked. It's just a few minutes long.)

"Beginning with the start of the March 2018 Ranked Play season, we’re making some updates to Hearthstone’s Ranked Play ladder experience. Join Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode as he explains what to expect, as well as the intentions and philosophy behind the update."

(my summary. feel like I left out some things... but here's what I remember)
Just win 5 ranked games for card back, not get to Rank 20. Which makes sense in that all Ranks will be 5 stars. Some players felt got to Rank 20 quickly then hit a wall. That way getting to Rank 20 each season not a big deal for any that might be.

Players near Legend felt too long to get back to there. So next Season you will go down 4 Ranks. So if Legend, Rank 4 the next season. If Rank 5, Rank 9. Etc. So that players near Rank 20 don't match up with someone who was very high season before and just starting to climb back. And won't be near as long a climb to get back to where you were last season.

Good stuff - I very much welcome it.

Oh, that's a great change! Heck, this is why I haven't ever bothered trying to work my way back up again. Back in the Secret Paladin craze, I made it to Rank 1 and was pretty damned pleased with myself. Then the end of the month came, I was two stars short of Legendary and it shot me back down to Rank 18 or 17 or whatever the heck it was. So, like any sensible person, I gave up on laddering and stuck to brawls and arena runs ever since

But with this change? By the gods above and below, I might just give it a shot again and see if I can get that Legendary feather in my proverbial cap.

This means that Legendary can be from two (or more) months combined work. Which is a big help to non pro, nonstreamer, otherwise working schmoes like me.

Ya. March try to get to Rank 5 or more. April try to get to legendary. (But still not get angry at self if dont. Not get In trouble at work. Not neglect family... too much to try.)

4 nerfs coming in February.

Bonemare to 8 cost. Patches no Charge. Raza reduce hero power to 1, not 0. Cooridor Creeper to a 2,5.

I welcome them all. Though creeper seems won't get played other than some maybe token druid or beast Hunter. Wish some of these had come sooner. Though at least won't be in wild as was forever. And, like when druid got nerfed and left raza priest as so good. No nerf for any of warlock stuff lIke Voidlord, Dark Pact (should cost 2), their 2, 2 5 drop that deathrattle draws a demon, etc. Will mean even more warlock in ranked. And more control than zoo.

Creeper just doesn't exist any more. Bonemare will still be playable and Raza might be too. I'm not sure about Patches.

I'm concerned about how anything is going to beat Demonlock at this point.

Ya, that's my concern also. And that every game will be control vs control. Aggro hunter w some silence might have a chance. But creeper helped it. Control mage with polymorph can have a chance. I really wish they would let u ban one class the way they can at tournaments

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