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Got my Heroic Karazan and Blackrock Mtn card backs. Have had League of Explorers a while. Had two full dungeon runs (Warlock and Mage) and it took me like 8 to 10 attempts to just get 8/8 for Priest. 5 cost minions and higher cost 5 to go with final tally of 3 C'Thun, 2 Twin Emperors, one Doomcaller, etc. And got Togwaddle at end rather than some of harder ones. On to Paladin now (working bottom left to right and up). Good times

Paladin on first try. 5+ minions cost 5. Lich Kings, a Tyrion, Dr Boom. Against last one Velustruz (sp) [with the Master Chests] the card that drew a card and filled hand with it - got me 10 cost WISH. Fill board with Legendaries and fully heal hero. Just used one of the 6 or so in hand. Other minions did a lot of good work. (Board of Legendaries was a bit meh, oh well.)


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