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Hallow - you can fix a single spell effect to the hallowed site. The spell effect lasts for 1 year and functions throughout the entire site, regardless of the normal duration and area or effect. You may designate whether the effect applies to all creatures, creatures who share your faith or alignment, or creatures who adhere to another faith or alignment. At the end of the year, the chosen effect lapses, but it can be renewed or replaced simply by casting hallow again.

Do SR's apply to 'spell effects' ? Someone mentioned something like this earlier but I wanted confirmation.
"Saving throws and Spell Resistance might apply to these spells' effects. (See the individual spell descriptions for details.)" pulled from the D20 site.

Yes, SR applies based on the spell tied in.

In Pathfinder, the Dire Creature template on d20 says to increase the natural attack damage to the new size. But the Dire Creature in this instance is a Boar Companion. The damage chart on d20 says that Large creature with a Gore attack do 1d8 damage. But Boar Companions do 1d8 damage already once they get the increase at level 4 and they are Medium Creatures. Do I increase it up to the next size level, which would be 2d6? I ask because the GM included an item in a monster loot that allows my hunter to turn her Boar into a Dire Boar 3 rounds a day.

The Natural Attacks by Size table only lists typical damage values for creatures of a given size.
Your boar's gore damage would increase to 2d6 for the duration of the Dire effect.

Thanks, I just wanted to be sure. I've never had a Dire companion before. Even without a base damage increase, the damage from his Strength mod goes from 7 to 13, which is nice. His to-hit is 14 as well, so I'm guessing he'll be doing a lot of damage during those 3 turns. Especially since both hunter and boar share the teamwork feats Outflank, Pack Flanking, and Precise Strike. Can't wait until we hit level 6 and I add Broken Wing Gambit to the list.

Heh, Dire Boar's are hilarious. Had an orc fighter with one as a mount once, that darn boar was the hardest hitter on the team.

Mick, that's my boar, is definitely going to be at least the second highest hitter. Since he and my hunter Irlana are always flanking, as he is also a mount, when he goes Dire he will have an attack bonus of 18 and his damage will be from 16 to 31.


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