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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Soon folks this first post will have more details on what sheets are requested, in progress, and under revision. Until then, the current list may be found here.

The thread will unlock after a touch of initial housekeeping so it's organized.

I have a request for Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG).
The stress tracks are bugged, instead of individual "boxes" (circles) that you click and they fill in. The boxes fill all of the bubble before the one you click and erase all of the ones after.

What should look like this
o o O o o O
Looks like this
O O O o o o
or this
It makes the stress tracks completely useless for the game.

So, any update on sheets in progress?

The update is pending still. It was started, but other things came up that required focus.

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