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Hey all,

I'm pretty new to RP's with two games of D&D under my belt, and a game of Paranoia that ended with me dead. I like to RP but I can't find games in my area, thus I came to the interwebs. As far as Online Rping goes I've tried to join a few games on another site but they died before they reached the end of the third round for all players.

Character building is honestly the part I've enjoyed most so far. I'm still unfamiliar with any version of D&D outside of 3.5 so I'm hoping to find some of those here.

You'll have plenty of opportunities. Perhaps moreso after the holidays, but even now there are quite a few options available.

The best advice that I can give you is to just jump in. People here are forgiving for the most part. You're allowed to make a few mistakes.

Good luck.

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