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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.



Not really sure what to do or say here! Ummm, I'm going by Felicia, not really my name. I know, it would be much cooler if I was the actual Black Cat.

I'm a big fan of comics and RPGs, and play by post is an old favourite of mine. Oh, and super heroes. These are a thing.

Those are indeed a thing.

Welcome to the site - I'm a newbie myself, but it's pretty easy to get into the swing of things round here. Folks are friendly and helpful.

If you're looking for games you'll obviously want to keen an eye on the Games & Ads thread.

You should also keep an eye on Game Planning which acts as a sounding board for games ideas for people to brainstorm and gather interest for their concepts. In the few short days I've been a member I've seen a few of the threads started here rapidly evolve into actual games, so it seems like a good idea to get your foot in the door early.

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