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Hi everyone,

Just want to begin by saying this looks like a great site.

I was looking through the wiki and some of the sticky posts and I wanted to know if there is any specific newbie games/forums? I am looking for a game to and a DM who which will help learn the ropes.

I have played before but only once or twice and that was years ago... The games in game adverts seem to require a level of experience that I don't think I am able to contend with yet (this is from a first glance so I may be incorrect).

Looking forward to playing with you all!


There are no specific forums no. But opening a thread in game planning is a good idea. On occasion a GM might open an ad for a newbie game (I ran one a couple of years ago for 4e). My first foray in to nWoD was a solo adventure. You're more likely to get a solo game with a rules light system or a really canny GM.

Whats up! I am new here too maybe we can get a game together some time. Send me a PM if you see a game you think might be interesting and I will check it out if you want to take me up on my offer.

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