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Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody, I've never played D&D before or any type of table top RPG for that matter. I use to be part of a Star Wars play by post forum but we didn't use dice or anything for fights. Anyway looking forward to learning how to play and having fun with everyone else.

Welcome to the Weave, Setre.

As long as your willing to learn and willing to ask for advice and clarification you shouldn't have any problems learning a system. If you decide you don't like
Roleplaying with a system that requires dice to be rolled.
rollplaying, then there is always freeform, which usually has an ad or two open.

If you are going to try your hand at rollplaying, then the best advice I can think of is to read up on the system first. There are free resources such as the D&D 3.5 SRD, but that is the only one that I know of. If you aren't interested in D&D, then you should probably purchase a Core Rulebook and start from there. Some of them are cheap, like this one. But some of them are a lot more expensive.

Sorry for the long post.

Good luck.

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