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Mordae's GM Rescue Society

So... our ST hasn't been seen in weeks and hasn't said a word to us in even longer, pushing two months now. Minnesota By Night still needs rescuing. We're all really into this game and none of us want to see it die. Anybody? Please?

Requesting ownership transfer of Minnesota By Night to me.

Thanks Mordae

Would anyone be interested in rescuing 2 players in a 3.5 edition Dark Sun game? Our DM had to drop several of his games due to work demands... The setup and premise are fantastic, and the two of us have managed to stick together and stay invested despite many setbacks. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated couple of players, and the Dark Sun setting is the best!

I'm interested, and have posted in the game's OOC forum.

I am rescuing the game Dark Sun Rising. If I could get ownership transferred I'd appreciate it. Thanks very much!

Good day.
Looking for a GM to take over King Under the Mountain, a Dungeon World game whose GM stopped posting 20 days ago and stopped site activity 13 days ago. We have a cool party that is just starting to get into their very first encounter, and we'd really like to go on!

I'm not sure what the policy is about this, but I do have another game that could use rescuing. I originally advertised for it on the Weave but we ultimately found a GM for it over at the Playground, so that is where it is hosted.

The game is a MnM3e game, heavily inspired by Planetary, the Authority, and other such postmodern comics, along with the idea of Legacy. The game started out in WW2, with pulp era type heroes, with a Golden Age feel.

The game is currently in the early 1970's so Silver Age, with characters that are either older, or the children or proteges of the first generation heroes. The final era will be in the 2020's and represent the Platinum or postmodern age.

We had an excellent GM, but he just outright abandoned the game. He still posts as a player in other games, but has ignored every post and PM we have sent him, which is frankly just...rude.

Anyway because we have already made it through one era, the game world has a real sense of history and place and the character relationships feel very deep. It's a very rare type of comic book game, and we'd love to find a suitable GM who believes in the characters and the story and will take us on within the framework that we have created.

Thank you for your consideration.


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