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This week in video games...

I might lose this play-through due to the strategy layer. LW2 intentionally makes it so there's too many missions to choose from, many of which are probably impossible when they're given to you, and tying up too many troops for a whole week trying to infiltrate one mission means you can fail others they'd be better placed at. Also there's the double whammy of lack of supplies combined with tenfold supply costs for equipping your troops.

There's also a late-game problem of the dozens of buffs through Dark Events that the Advent forces can give themselves. Due to the fact that there are more missions than you can logistically perform, you do end up with extremely annoying to deal with enemies. And you outright cannot remove them once in place, either. So you end up with every single enemy trooper with +3 armor, +15 aim, Squadsight, +10 Dodge, various Overwatch buffs, and then some. And then other enemy types have more specialized buffs like hack resistance, better stun chances, more secondary equipment, and damage reduction vs. explosives.

It snowballs fairly quickly and if you've already researched close to the best equipment, there's nothing you can do except pray and take heavy losses in every single mission.

Conceptually and early on, I love things like Resistance missions. Controlling randomly generated mooks in a stealth mission is, I find, extremely enjoyable. Even better is when they pop into the mission to act as your reinforcements. And one of my favorite things in any media is when you get to see everyone on screen at once, making the UFO defense mission that I loved in the base game not only better, but repeatable in Long War into what honestly made me reopen the game in the first place.

Well, this is awkward, the Steam Sale lands days after I finally cracked and ordered a Switch bundle.


So there was this prerendered trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3 and I didn't think much of it other than "Wow, these anthropomorphic animals sure love saying the F word" and "Is Jade in this game?" So it was a weird trailer that told us nothing about the game at all. Then they released a new gameplay demo that looks really weird in a totally different way. Apparently the game is supposed to be like, cartoony Star Citizen... I mean, but single player, and with a far more traditional business strategy.

It seems like they're going for a way darker story than the previous game though whether it's actually more mature remains to be seen. I mean, the story of the first game was pretty simplistic and cartoonish despite the seemingly subversive edge it tried to portray.

No longer tethered to teams of potato-corpses in match after match, I've had a string of victories. Now I'm closer and closer to getting the experience needed to unlock the mighty Taiho. So close...

Originally Posted by AtLastForgot View Post
I'm finally giving Pillars of Eternity a go after the GOG sale made it quite cheap. Usual decision paralysis about my class and race (gotta catch 'em all) but I ended up going with a dwarf cipher. Was gonna go paladin but Palleghina seems pretty neat.
Pallghina is one of the more interesting characters you pick up but she shows up fairly late in the game proportionally speaking if you take the time to do sidequests and such. So it shouldn't stop you from making a paladin

Mind you all the characters are interesting conceptually (my favorite probably being the Grieving Mother), it's a shame the game doesn't have nearly enough scenes of npc interactions to fully enjoy them.

Ciphers are pretty cool but as Basil said they have a steep learning curve.

I finished the game (including white march 1 and 2) with a dwarf wizard and just like in DnD, they are ridiculously powerful at late levels.

Originally Posted by Knight of Holy Wor View Post
Ciphers are pretty cool but as Basil said they have a steep learning curve.
So far, I've found them pretty simple. I like per-encounter abilities more than per-rest abilities generally in computer games, which is amusing because in tabletop I prefer Vancian casters. Difference in pace I suppose, and controlling six people as opposed to one.

I'm enjoying the game so far, and I think they've done a good job keeping the feel of old CRPG's while updating some of the mechanics.

You know what, Pallghina was an interesting character! Not in an In-your-face kind of way, but subtly. But I'm a sucker for Eder.

I feel like I need to buy WM 1 and 2, or simply go back and not do the final battle just to delay the inevitable long enough to explore more of anything I didn't uncover... but... there's so many other games that are calling my name.

Well Depression Quest was one of the most anti-climatic games I've ever beat.

For everyone claiming that game was impossible to beat, I did it in 5 minutes by simply picking the logical options that I knew to do via my experiences.

I was expecting some kind of "so bad it's good" disaster of horrible and misunderstanding writing. This was just "so okay it's average".

If I paid anything for it I would be annoyed sure. But hey it was free.

....Look I was bored and had nothing else to do, I was expecting some kind of "The Room" accidental black comedy I could make fun of Nostalgia Critic style. I did not get that.

Welp back to grinding levels in RPG Maker.

Originally Posted by Veradux View Post
It snowballs fairly quickly and if you've already researched close to the best equipment, there's nothing you can do except pray and take heavy losses in every single mission.
With just the "advent soldiers almost always graze" event I'm ready to restart.

Actually all of my troops are just horribly under-equipped. I don't know how to get the supplies to get good weapons for all of them, and for some reason the game keeps unequipping the ones I do buy if I don't check their equipment before each mission.


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