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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Applications Closed!
The villains of the world have begun to rise. Their plots are forming, some more subtle than others. The world does not yet know of the fates about to befall it, but it will need guardians once it does.

So, after my last run for villains, now Norreth, and the world, needs heroes. Heroes of valor, of might, and of intellect. While none of the villainous plots have come into full bear, be sure that they will be appearing soon. And of course, that's where the heroes will come in. The villains branch along the whole Banilo Bay coast, and further.

So, how does one become a hero?
Start with a bit of adventurousness, and add a dash of valor. Perhaps a pinch of courage, and maybe some pain as well. Mix it in with a lot of confusion, and pop in a vague sense of good at the end.
Then again, not all heroes are storybook heroes. And yours need not be the same, either.

Expectations: You as the players have expectations of this game, and I have my own expectations of the players.
As the GM: I will do my best to make this adventure a bloody good time. Expect the roll/role ratios to be skewed more to the side of role. I am currently dabbling with MapTool, so hopefully, once the heroes begin to do battle, there will be maps as impressive as the actions. I will also - save in the event of RL attacks - be posting daily.

As the Player: I expect a post at least once every two days, and for most posts to be more than one-liners. In some situations, I understand there will be little to write save for that, but in most, there should be at least a few sentences. I will understand if RL comes to kick you to the curb, however. I also expect players to have good grammar and spelling. Applicants using 1337-5p34k, typod al ovur, or the like will be disregarded. You have a shift key. Please use it.

Notes: No sheet needed yet. I prefer no sheet and a more fleshed out character than a skeleton character and a kickass sheet.
Also, I have a total of 6 openings for players. I will not actively try to fill this if there are not 6 decent apps. Just because you're the only applicant doesn't mean you can get in.
This will run for about two weeks, probably. Less if the villains advance too quickly...


In addition to the party position, there is a position for one player to join another as an adventuring duo. This player will begin upon an island in an undisclosed location, with Avery - a psion - as their partner-to-be. This adventurer will begin at level 3, with 1,200 gold.
LordOfTheDucks will be choosing who gets in for this, rather than I.
Should you not get in the initial party, and if Lord has not chosen a partner yet, you may adjust your application to apply for the position, and vice-versa.
Spot taken.

There will also be an additional two solo spots. These will be level 2, with 750 gp. You may apply for this if you do not get in the initial party, and vice-versa.

Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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Seems interesting, I'll see if I can think of a concept for the game.

Is this where we post our apps?

Just want to check Roi, are Psions are allowed? If so would you allow the Kalashtar Psion substitution levels, a Telepath with a few twists from the standard class.

Any book, eh? I'll probably try some Tome of Battle class.

Title: Tazika, Body Hellbred Healer
Alignment: CG
Description: You see a humanoid figure covered by the white cloak of a healer with gold trim. However, upon closer inspection, you see that the figure is a beautiful woman, and that despite this, she has a bit of a monstrous appearance. Her skin is a bronze-red color, like that of an efreet, and her eyes are pure black with red pupils. She cuts off her horns on a regular basis, and her fingernails are trimly clipped. She has no hair on the top of her head.

Personality: Most hellbred, souls who are given one final chance to be good, by being sent back to Earth in monstrous forms, attempt to prove their goodness in flashy ways. Tazika, however, helps a lot of people in small ways, not just through her healing, but through her attitude, a tad too cheerful for a Hellbred. She abhors violence, at least violence she commits. Ultimately, she hopes that Bahamut will save her by making her one of his Dragonborn, and she anxiously awaits the day in which she is called by the Platinum Dragon. She is grateful that she doesn't remember anything of her sinful life before her transformation into a Hellbred, but she wishes that somehow she'll uncover the dirty secrets of her past, if only so she can right the wrongs.

Background: TBD

Work-in-Progress application.

Ah, I knew I forgot something.
Addressing each question in turn, then.
Originally Posted by GAMER_NOW
Is this where we post our apps?
Yup. I'll make a list at the top, and let me know if yours isn't there.

Originally Posted by GMDMMDMG
Just want to check Roi, are Psions are allowed? If so would you allow the Kalashtar Psion substitution levels, a Telepath with a few twists from the standard class.
Yes. As for the Kalashtar substitution levels, you'll have to inform me as to what those are.

Originally Posted by SplendidTuesday
Will we roll stats or point buy? And if we buy, how many points in the point buy?
I'm thinking 36 point-buy.

@Aisur- What does the latin in your siggy mean?

It's from the movie V for Vendetta, and it means "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the Universe."


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