The Great Hall

Marching order sounds correct to me. As for watches, it'd be complicated to do the "best" rotation (two early, two late, with each person getting a full night's rest every fifth day); Rikard would probably suggest something gentlemanly like letting Braithe sleep while two of the warriors take evening and morning

Welcome back!

Tristan in front for marching order sounds about right. For the watch order, he'll go wherever he's assigned.

Gah, sorry about my delay. Been a busy few days as I've got a charity walk to go to tomorrow, so I've been busy preparing stuff for that.

I'll be posting today.

Seriously, I feel like I should post in here every time I'm about to do something to my computer. Then you guys can hastily talk me down :P

EDIT: And by yesterday I mean today. So much for my schedule being free again after the weekend ;P

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