The Great Hall

Sorry for the huge delay, the sudden arrival of endless snow sorta had me rushing to do things out at the cottage I thought I still had time to do. I'll be posting tonight, though.

We all haz problems, don't worry.

I'm excited to see Stromland proper. Methinks Rikard and Cuthred will make some very clear ripples in the little status quo over there. Which will be very interesting.

Looking forward to what part the witch girl may yet play, especially if the other group decides to separate and go towards the sea with her. Will Tristan act?


Methinks Bruide would rather go back to the tower than have Asdis along with him. If that's not the case, the stench of hypocrisy is going to make Rikard's sword-hand itchy...

I'm excited to see how this unfolds as well. And depending on Lindish custom concerning slaves, Asdis might not have to go with the other group. There must be some law pertaining to what happens when a slave's master is devoured by the walking dead.

I'm sure it's in one of those lesser quoted codicils...

Obviously Tristan is going to marry the witch girl and live happily ever after. Assuming he doesn't get cursed, or hexed, or turned into a toad.

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