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To me combat is always the most tedious/draggy part of a PbP, no matter what system or who's running. I think it's just impossible to escape given the format.

Well, I never said it would be the smoothest thing, but there's ways of making it a bit more fluid, I'm just suggesting ideas hah.

In my experience it's best to just be patient and let the combat work itself out over time. When you rush things, it just creates unnecessary pressure, and games fall apart.

@Everyone, Please make sure to check out the "Experience and Awards" thread under the Player Characters section for EXP.

ALSO, this is the point where I'd like to get feedback from the players. I know much has not been done, but I'd still like to know everyone's thoughts on the game so far. If you feel more comfortable, feel free to post in your private threads. This also includes anything you'd like to see in the game or any expectations you have. Anything goes in these feedback posts. If you want to see more of "x" and less of "y", please let me know--or I'll never know.

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Everyone has Real life issues, SS

I just thought of something. In the previous game I was in, the DM would give us the AC/HP of the creatures we would face so we could directly rp our own hit, misses and kills. Mini-bosses, bosses or outstanding creatures, however, had their stats hidden.

Would that be good for us?

There were other things he did, but they weren't that much of a help. I guess one of the useful ones was the bundling of enemies initiative together, rolling as a group or pairs rather than individuals, which helped in making combat a little less drawn out.
I don't like giving information about the creatures to the PCs because it seems to encourage metagame thinking, in my experiences.

I don't mind bundling enemy Initiatives together, though. I usually do that, but I thought I'd try something different.

We're barely into the game, so I guess I don't have much input. One thing I feel might help would be placing your last post from a previous thread into a new thread. It's not a huge pain to open another tab to look at the old thread, but since it contains narration that might apply, and we're apparently going to be doing a lot of thread-hopping, it'd be convenient.

I've been having fun

Oh, in my post I sort of just assumed retrieving the arrows from the bird corpses wouldn't be too hard but let me know. I figured getting the one from the tree might be a little harder and require a roll, but I wasn't sure which. If there is lemme know and I can edit my post or something.

@slapstick, Done.

@DarkJester, What I usually do for arrow retrieval is: how ever many arrows were spent during combat, you roll the matching die to see how many you can retrieve, plus your base attack bonus. Ultimately it is up to luck (I know this may not sound realistic, but it makes sense to me for some reason). So for instance, you used 3 arrows in the last encounter. So, you would roll a 1d3 + your BAB to see how many are not broken, easy to collect, etc..

Now, either I can roll this for you, or you can just roll this in your post. Either way is fine.

I might as well roll it this time, assuming it is acceptable for me to post a second time so i can share the results of my survival check?

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