The Great Hall

There we go, should be set.

And I have no problem with dealing with arrows that way. One thing, was it correct to use my Ranged attack bonus (+1)?

I try to not post too much when others aren't so as not to cut out players who may be slower in posting, but this most recent post is brought to you by boredom and cold medicine!

Likewise, I can't help but post when bored :P

It doesn't help that I really like the characters and the setting either.

Thanks for waiting, guys, I've had trouble finding time to get on the comp the last few days.

As a heads up I will be out of town Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I do expect to have access to a computer though. But in the off chance I am silent, this is why.

Thanks for the headsup, guys.

@DarkJester, You don't really need a roll right now for navigation, but I'll use that roll later on so it doesn't go to waste.

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