The Great Hall

Cool, I'll add it then. What about armor? I assume the Brigadine? Sorry if I'm rushing :P I can wait until you're ready to properly distribute our gear.

Haha. Really, the Brigandine would go to the Scout, but she may chose not to wear any armor. If you want, I can compile a list of the things you found, OOC, so we can skip the, "I'll take this", IC?

That would be great, actually. I require a chain shirt, if you please . Also DR is 1d4, but what about max dex bonus and check penalty? Same as 3.5 equivalent? Been wondering about the long-axe as well... is it anything like this?

The following is a list of the items you managed to find on the shore (not including weapons and armor):
  • Waterskin (2)
  • Canvas, sail (10 ft.)
  • Rope, hempen (20 ft.)
  • Cooking set (1 pot, 1 pan, cutlery, utensils)
  • Knife, skinning
  • Bowstring, spare (3)
  • Pitch (1 pint)
  • Tinderbox (empty)
  • Sack, cloth (3)
  • Bedroll, fur (1)
  • Jewelry box, small (20 gp, 30 sp)
  • Clothes, travel (2 suits)
  • Cloak (2)

You may distribute them OOC as you see fit.

@El_frenchie, In game terms, it is considered a greataxe. It looks like this though.

EDIT: Oh, and don't forget to link your sheets to the game.

EDIT2: Yes, the chain shirt is the equivalent to the chain shirt in D&D 3.5e. It comes with a steel cap, as well.

Oh I just assumed the Brigadine was for the archer cause it was lighter but if I get one of the chain shirts instead, it doesn't matter.

I figure it's safe to assume Tris would take the 3 spare bow strings. Tristan is a decent hunter and survivalist so he could also take the skinning knife too but I don't wanna hog all the roles so Braithe can have first dibs. Other then that I don't have any preference ('cept for maybe a cloak) and will carry whatever is left.

@DarkJester, Really its up to you all who gets whatr. If you want the brigandine, feel free to ask slapstick. I think that Maceo will get the final say-so (being the leader and all) to resolve any issues.

Well I'll certainly take the Brigadine if slapstick doesn't want it. The chain shirt is a little too constricting for Tristan. But we'll see.

Taking frenchie's lead, if I had a choice, I'd like: The 3 spare bow strings, the other cloak, the skinning knife (as long as slapstick doesn't want it), and one set of traveling clothes. Other then that Tris could carry some other stuff just to help.

Welp, character sheet is all done and ready to go. I attached it to the game so you should be able to see it. Along with possessions. No gold, I imagine? Just take a look and tell me if you see any mistakes I guess ^^


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