The Great Hall

@El_frenchie, No, no gold to begin with (other than what's inside the jewelry box). The most common form of shopping uses the barter system.

Is this strictly Iron Heroes core, or is the Player's Companion allowed?

Unfortunately, I do not own the Player's Companion. But if you provide me with the information on something that you are interested in using, it shouldn't be a problem.

The description of Traveler's Clothes in the book says it comes with a cloak. if that's the case I'll toss the one I snagged back in. Do you know yet if you want the skinning knife, slapstick?

Gonna dibs one of the sacks too if there are no objections.

Originally Posted by ShadowStalker View Post
I separated the cloaks because the clothes did not come with one.
This makes sense :P Ignore what I said then. Lemme know if there is anything that needs fixing once you have a chance to review my sheet.


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