The Great Hall

Sounds good. How do you guys want to do the money?

Oh another thing I wanted to ask, Shadow. If I put ranks in craft does that mean Tristan would be able to try and make his own arrows? Assuming he can gather the materials and what not of course.

@DarkJester, Yes, you can. Since you do not have any artisan tools you will be considered to be using improvised tools, which grants a -2 penalty on the check. The Craft rules are a little convoluted, so I'll try to make sense of it and apply it to this situation.

The DC to create Arrows (20) is
Simple item with no moving parts or complex pieces
DC 10. At the beginning of the week (but after you've gathered the materials), you make a Craft check. The result of that check is multiplied by the DC. If the sum of that is greater than the cost of the
1 gp. But Iron Heroes breaks it down into silver pieces, so it's actually 10sp.
items being built, than at the end of the week you can create Arrows (20). So, in essence, if you roll at least a total of
Due to the -2 for improvised tools
4 then you can craft the arrows.

Note: I am going to say that if you cannot find the appropriate materials, you will suffer some sort of penalty to use them (-1 to attack for improper wood, -1 damage for improper arrowhead, etc...).

Yeah I've never really had a character that bothered to craft anything before and the rules are, as you say, convoluted. I'm not sure whether it would be beneficial at all or not at this point. A week may be too long depending on how ling we're actually off alone in the wilderness.

Eh, I say we divvy it up now, but Rikard wouldn't care as long as everyone works together. Soldiers need to get paid!

IC post is up. Feel free to post at-will. Also, Maceo, I need you to link your character sheet to the game please.

I am still reviewing character sheets, but I wanted to get the game started. If I ask you to change something on your sheet, please forgive me.

Once I am less post-drunk, I'll post!

Shadow, any info on religion in this setting, if there is any?

Actually, I keep changing my mind about religion in this setting. I either want to have no religion whatsoever, or a full pantheon. I apologize that this was not better thought out before the game began.

Any deities will be based off of nature (the sun, the moon and stars, rivers, mountains, etc...). But right now, I do not have any real information.

Quick heads up my next post likely won't be until later tonight, got a lot of work to do today. Will definitely have one up, it'll just be late.

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