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The Saga

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Iron Heroes

The Saga
An Adventure for Iron Heroes

Game Premise
Linden. An entire continent wracked with freezing temperatures year round. Agriculture is almost impossible. Animal husbandry is difficult at best with such little grazing available. The residents of this treacherous realm have either migrated south to the hot springs, or left the country entirely. You are apart of the small group of pilgrims who sought shelter on the mainland of Rysylis.

Its a dangerous voyage across the vastness of the sea. A voyage that claimed so many lives, so many years ago when Linden was first inhabited. True to its name, the Sea of Sorrow has destroyed your longboat and everyone else aboard. Shipwrecked, you and the other survivors are stranded somewhere on Rysylis in search of the ancient homeland of your kin.

This game takes place in the
Somewhere between the viking age and the early middle ages.
early dark ages, in terms of technology. The standard warrior carries a sword, chain shirt, round-shield, spear, and helm. Heavy plate armor does not exist, nor does some traditional fantasy items (repeating crossbows, sunrods, etc.).

Player Roles
Due to the shipwreck, the heroes were only able to find the following weapons and armor: a longsword, a longbow and quiver, a spear, a long-axe, two round-shields, 1 suit of brigandine armor, and 3 chain shirts.
  • Leader / Longsword
    • The Leader is the one who has the final say-so. He should be brave and skilled, but humble enough to listen to his group.
  • Archer / Longbow
    • The Archer is the long-range combatant. He should be skilled with the bow and arrow.
  • Fighter / Long-axe
    • The Fighter is the strongest of the group. He can wield heavy weapons and armor to smash past his foes.
  • Scout / Spear
    • The Scout excels in pathfinding and herb-lore. He should be a skilled tracker, hunter, and healer.

Application Process
Everyone that applies must chose a Player Role (keeping in the mind the accompanying weapon). If two people apply as the same role and both are accepted, I will have to ask one to chose a different role.

Even though all the heroes are coming from Linden, they do not have to be from Linden. You must chose a
You may not choose Quadan as your homeland.
homeland. I have posted the different cultures here.
Please post all applications in the attached thread here.
Physical Description:
Brief History:
I have also created a WIKI, but it is mainly unfinished.
All characters will start off at Level 1. You do not have to create a character sheet until you get accepted into the game. Note: The Arcanist is not an available class.

Application Closing Date
July 11th, 2010. 12:00am CST.

Miscellaneous Information
Although you will be starting the game off at Level 1, I will be giving each role a homemade Special Ability.

Leader: Inspire Allies - Once a day the Leader can rally his allies into action, granting them +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls. The recipient must be able to hear the Leader in order to receive the bonus.

Archer: Deadly Aim - Once a day the Archer can focus his skill to strike a particularly devastating blow on his enemies. Grants a +2 to attack rolls when using a ranged weapon.

Fighter: Woeful Strike - Once a day the Fighter can muster all of his strength to combat his enemies. Grants a +2 to damage rolls when using a melee weapon.

Scout: Wilderness Lore - Once a day the Scout can concentrate his knowledge to aid him in the wilderness. Grants a +2 bonus to any wilderness related checks.

Accepted Players
  • Maceo (Rikard Gulbrandsen; Male Stromlander; Weapon Master)

  • DarkJester (Tristan; Male Haerlander)

  • El_frenchie (Emeric Wulf; Male Velian; Hunter)
  • BetrayingTheMartyr (Baelic Cinderbrook; Male Norian; Warden)
  • BobKnob (Eirik Thorrsen; Male Norian; Beserker)

  • slapstick (Braithe Underhill; Female Velian; Scout)
  • El_frenchie (Emeric Wulf; Male Velian; Hunter)

Game Description:

The sea was wild with rage, thrashing the longboat around without a care. Lightning peeled the sky and thunder blared in the darkness overhead. The heavenly rumbling reverberated in the ears of the heroes, beset by the storm. The foaming and frothing waters lay in every direction, dark and foreboding.

Then, the mast snapped like a twig. The boat lurched nauseatingly, threatening to cast its occupants into the depths of the ocean. The deck was slick with icy water and the heroes shivered uncontrollably as they held on for dear life. It was all they could do to not loose hope.

It mattered not. The sea was victorious--she always had her way. The boat was swallowed wholly and the heroes disappeared into blackness, still clutching broken planks of wood.

When they opened their eyes again, they were upon a black-sand beach. Staggering cliffs loomed up on either side of them and a great forest lay ahead. The waves still crashed ceaselessly, but the storm had long since past--leaving only smeared clouds in its wake. It was cold, and the gray sky eluded to more rain, urging the heroes to prepare.

As the heroes gathered their wits and looked about them, they could see no sign of the boat, aside from the wreckage that washed ashore with them. Their armor was still in tact, but some were missing weapons. With a deep breath, the heroes began searching through the wreckage and made plans to move from the beach.

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I'm definitely still interested. I've got the Iron Heroes book, I'll just have to do some reading. I'm really interested in the Archer role. I also like the idea of the Scout, but not so much the spear usage. Probably just go Archer. I'm liking Haerland so far, probably have an application up tonight.

A few questions:
You've appointed a leader but does that mean we have to get along with that person from the get go? Obviously there shouldn't be too overly disruptive behavior but the character I'm thinking up is big on having to earn respect/trust.

If we're not originally from Linden do we know of where we originally came from? (The premise says we're searching for the ancient homeland of our kin, but you also gave the option for different homelands)

Did we manage to find any other supplies that aren't weapons? Clothes, cloaks, food, etc? I suppose that doesn't really matter much in the application phase though.

Hey there! I'm interested, particularly in the Leader role. I am thinking of a Weapon Master from Stromland who ended up in Linden after running afoul of the Keats. I feel inspired so I'll likely get a full app up either tonight or tomorrow.

@Dark Jester, Questions are great. You do not have to get along with the leader, but you should respect him enough to give him the last word. This world is a world of respect, loyalty, and honor (at least, the heroes should be).

Yes, you should know where you came from. Any culture (except Quadan) could have migrated to Linden, even generations earlier. I didn't state this but, every culture is in one way or another related to the Keats--so, presumably Keatland is the ancient homeland of your kin. I'll get into more specificity when the game begins.

And yes, you were able to find some other basic supplies--all of which can be divvied up before the game actually starts. It's not that important during the application stage.

@Maceo, Stromlander Weapon Master sounds great. That would be perfect for the leader role.

Thanks for the quick reply. I do enjoy the whole respect, loyalty, and honor aspect. That and the setting of feuding Kingdoms. Likely going to have my app up shortly.

Cool, I'm glad you like it. Looking forward to the app.

EDIT: I also added something to the ad post, that I was going to wait on until later. Special Abilities specific to your role.

@BobKnob, It would be helpful if you had a copy of the book and understood the rules a bit, but it is not 100% necessary. It's up to you.

Handsome game ad, Shadow.

Haha, thanks Cleokatrah. I try to pride myself on game ads. Like this one. They're both the same, but I like the readability.


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