Looking for Heroes: Infinite Wars on Secret Earth

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Looking for Heroes: Infinite Wars on Secret Earth

Infinite Wars on Secret Earth - Forum
Marvel Super Heroes
Estimated Members Requested: 6

What would a comic book world be like if Captain America confronted The Joker? Who is more megalomanical, Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor? How would the Hulk stand against the likes of Darkseid?

Come, you join the campaign and find out! Here's your chance to play out those crossovers we forever love to read and debate about.

Game System: Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set (TSR's "FASERIP system")

Applications: Pick a superhero from either the Marvel or DC universe and submit your ideas below. I'm looking for balance, so be warned that this campaign will not have PCs all from one universe. Once you've been approved, you can proceed and post in the Character Submissions section of the Game Forum.

Requirements: I'm looking for players who enjoy writing and roleplaying, so I want to see interaction and characterization. I'm also looking for proper writing, not abbreviated text-talk. Players who can post at least once every other day would be ideal.

Sources: Please use the Marvel Super Heroes Player's Book and Judge's Book for rules. You may use other sources for character submissions, but they must pass my approval beforehand. Classic Marvel Forever, Clash of the Titans and Ben Riely's Marvel RPG Page are great databases of both Marvel and DC heroes.

Current applications submitted:
  • railroad9 - Green Lantern - DC
  • Ramael - Deadpool - Marvel
  • Caine66 -
    Possible switch to a DC character
    Thor - Marvel
  • ArcaneDesperado - Batman - DC
  • Gurpser - Giant Man - Marvel
  • industrious - The Creeper - DC
  • Jeffery Blackthorn - Silver Surfer - Marvel
  • The Cleric - ROM - Marvel
  • Krimson - Superman - DC

Game Description:

This campaign crosses over the worlds of Marvel and DC, two of the most celebrated superheroic universes in mainstream comics. Using the Marvel Superheroes (MSHRPG) rules, aka "the FASERIP system", here's your chance to play your favorite Marvel or DC hero and interact with counterparts from the opposing comic book world.

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Question: Does DC include Wildstorm?

I'm sure I've seen something like this game advertised before, or its just one of those deja vu sensations. In any case, Ima go big and pick Superman, because he's iconic, larger than life, and RPing Clark Kent is always a blast.

Finally a place to use all the books that no one could figure out why I collected.

Need someone to balance Supes so would Gladiator (Shiar one), Hyperion, or Thor be appropriate (Thor would be first choice though)?

i'm unfamiliar with the system, but I would love to get in on this.
Heroes I'd like to play: Anti-Venom, (Dark) Wolverine, Gambit, Nightwing, or Deadpool.
I'm gonna say Deadpool is my primary, but if there is someone else you'd rather, I can oblige.

Caine66: Any of those heroes are fine. If Thor is your primary, you can have him.

Ramael: The system is pretty easy, so I'm sure you can learn it as you go along. Deadpool, it is then.

I wanna play Aquaman, but we've already got a big hitter on DC side.
And yes, Aquaman is a big hitter.
I'll look through the ancient Obscuris Marveldeeceicus and find something though.

I'll put in a tentative yes. Definitely the greatest of Sector 2014's Green Lanterns-- Hal Jordan.


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