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New Social Feats Questions

New Social Feats Questions

For my post-apocalyptic setting I've adopted a number of new feat options taken from various other supplements and sources. I hadn't paid enough attention to the way they interact with one another, how they stack and how they are offered with the various starting occupations offered in my campaign.

Now that I have reviewed them I see his point, and want to make changes to keep them but make them more sensible. To remedy the situation, I thought it might be interesting to hear from others in the MW pool and see what they think. I have made a number of minor changes since I was asked the questions but I still don't feel these social feats are quite right.


Leadership doesn't do anything Skill Focus doesn't, and Manipulative shouldn't need a higher INT than the other guy.

Skill-enhancing feats grant +2 to two skills that rely on the same ability score. You should really stick to that formula.

@ TRO: Fair point. For the record those were taken from other places on the web and I was hoping to adopt them to add a little variety to things.

I know this thread is old but its still relevant - the game is on temporary hiatus but it will arise and I want to have a solid set of alternate rules for use when it does.

Holy wow...old thread is old.

One thing you could do is manipulate these feats in ways that are beneficial in unique ways. In my D20 Modern games I've always given benefits to Renown. Higher Renown means it's easier to convince people you mean business, either in a Diplomacy way ("I'm good for it!") or an Intimidation way ("Did you hear about the last time someone pissed me off?"). In this way, Low Profile and High Profile had unique bonuses, such as being able to hide in crowds much easier (+10 circumstantial bonus) or gaining instant Amiable status with someone.

I kind of got off track, but you could do that with these feats. Manipulative could be buffed a little, and then you could add that adding these bonuses will drop the target's stance on the PC by one level (but still be willing to interract and deal). Meaning that once manipulated, they may want that person to cool off before they talk to them again. Charming needs a debuff...badly. Instead it could just be used like the Charm Person spell to increase that status by one step.

Yes, good idea. Instead of just granting flat +2's (for which there's already a set formula), design feats that grant other kinds of social-interaction bonuses. Even better, build feat trees that starts with a flat skill bonus and then grant an alternative effect. Be careful of power creep, though; it's especially easy when building off of Diplomacy to just grant a charm-person power. That said, we've all seen that gag in TV shows and movies, the one were there's one person on your team who just can charm the pants off of almost anyone, providing they aren't actively holding a gun up to your eyeball (and even then...).


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