4E: The Lord of Wrath

Ah, good point on the cb5 attack. I'd missed the increase in range on that one. Coupled with his dazing teleport that could be pretty deadly.

Okay, here's the way I intend to present the Lord of Wrath. I incorporated comments so far. Let me know if it is clear or confusing, and whether he looks like an appropriate 32 level solo. Thanks.


If he is healed and is no longer bloodied, he reverts to Nabarus and the stat block above.
This is a touch confusing, since Bakahul's stat block mentions that he is always bloodied. How about replacing the quoted text with this:

If Bakahul is healed to 714hp or more, he reverts to Nabarus and the stat block above.

Or, "If Bakahul is healed to above his max health..." Just in case someone wants to monkey with his HP?

Ah, good comments.

If you can, read the write-up of Lolth in Monster Manual 3. Seems everyone's favorite Spider Queen also has two forms with different powers...

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll get on it.

Okay, upon review, it seems that each form just has half the hit points and when the first form is slain, she becomes the second form. Easy enough and it makes sense.

Here is the latest version, going official tomorrow.


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