The Age of Legends

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The Age of Legends

Earthdawn - Forum
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I'm looking for one player to fill out a group of adventurers for a Third Edition Earthdawn game. I need one player who either has at least a passing knowledge of the setting or is willing to invest some time in reading the source material. Race and discipline choices will be slightly restricted. Stick to the more common races (no obsidimen or windlings). The group is full on spell casters. Also, no duplicates of the disciplines that have already been chosen. The current group makeup is:
  • Dwarf Weaponsmith
  • Elf Nethermancer
  • Human Air Sailor
  • Obsidiman Elementalist
  • T'skrang Swordmaster

This will a long running campaign. Players will be required to make 3-5 posts per week, minimum, but the ability to post more is preferred. As per the standard Myth Weaver post etiquette if you do not post for more than two days I will reserve the right to post actions for your character in order to progress the story. If you do not post for two weeks it will be assumed that you have ditched the game and you will be replaced if I don't hear from you. Posts will all be in prose format (third-person past-tense).

You can post applications straight in this thread with the following format:

Myth Weavers unfortunately does not have character sheet support for Earthdawn. You can download fillable pdf sheets from the RedBrick site though. Here are links for the standard 2 page character sheet and the extanded 7 page character sheet. Once you have your application posted you can go ahead and fill out the character sheet and just email me a copy.

Game Description:

Long ago the land was lush and thriving and the people prospered off its bounty. As the world's flow of magic rose great cities and nations grew across the land. Then, as the flow of magic reached its height, the Horrors broke into the world. Dread monstrosities from the depths of astral space that feed on destruction and suffering, the Horrors ravaged the land and destroyed entire cities during centuries of hell on Earth known as the Scourge. The survivors managed to escaped the ravages of the Scourge by hiding in underground kaers and citadels. After 400 years the Scourge suddenly ended earlier than unexpected. With great trepidation people opened their kaers and ventured forth into the blasted land.
The denizens of Barsaive learned the construction of kaers and the wards to protect them from the Horrors from the scholars of the Theran Empire. These secrets were given in exchange for the servitude of the survivors and once the Scourge was over they came to collect. However, the dwarf kingdom of Throal united the peoples of Barsaive against the Therans and drove them out of their lands. But the Therans do not so easily give up what they see as theirs, old alliances fade and the Horrors are not completely gone from the world.

Earthdawn is, first and foremost, a game about Legends. The world is built on the backs of legends, heroes of ages long gone, and the heroes of today build the legends of tomorrow. The setting has a profound sense of history that the characters develop deep connections to as they uncover the legends of the past and eventually become legends in their own right. Characters in Earthdawn simultaneously epitomize and go beyond the traditional archetype of adventurers, striving to become enduring legends.
Magic is an ever-present element in Earthdawn. Unlike in other settings magic in Earthdawn is not solely the province of wizards and sorcerers. Every character in Earthdawn is an Adept, gifted with a deep connection to the natural patterns of magic in the world. More martial adepts like Warriors and Archers focus their magic on bolstering their physical prowess in combat. Some adepts like Thieves and Troubadours use their magic in more subtle ways. More traditional magician adepts like Elementalists and Nethermancers use their magical abilities to draw on the raw power of astral space to cast powerful spells. These different magical Disciplines influence the way an adept sees the world and color the ways he interacts with it. While no two adepts of the same discipline will be exactly they same they tend to share similar outlooks and abilities.
Another deeply ingrained theme in Earthdawn is the power of Names. Naming a thing gives it a pattern that connects it the world and those around it. The sentient races of Earthdawn are known as Namegivers. Though it may seem a simple thing, in Earthdawn the ability to give something a name is a great gift and responsibility.

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I have never played Earthdawn before. But after reading up on it on Wikipedia and other such sites I am willing to learn it. If you wouldnt mind teaching a complete newb that is.

Earthdawn has been my favorite system and setting for many years and I'm always happy to introduce it to new players. I can't promise you a spot in the game at this point since I'm only looking for one player and have 5 players already waiting and ready to go. I'll send you a PM about getting some more information on the setting.

Well then you got basically what I was going to get you. I'm just not posting links to any downloads in the forums. This will be a basic campaign starting off at first circle with plenty of opportunities to learn the setting more in depth as we play. If you like the setting please post an application here. I'll probably leave this thread up for a day or two to try to get a few apps in.

Why no Windlings?! That is exactly the race what I wanted to run and I own all the 1st and 3rd edition books! DRATS! Been a ED fan for years.

Also why no Obsidimen? I think it a bit disingenuous to allow one player to be one and not another. It is not like you will suffer from a party full of them since there is only one spot left.

This sounds very interesting. I have read up on the setting in wikipedia and am interested. I, like phiktional, am a complete newbie at Earthdawn. Will get the players guide and try to put up an app if I can get my head around it all

My original decision for the restrictions to races was to limit the rare races. As I said, specifically obsidimen and windlings because each of them comprise only about 1% of the population of Barsaive. Since I've already got an obsidiman I prefer not to have more than one. It's not disingenuous, the position has just already been filled. My preference would be to see at least one of each of the most common races (dwarfs, orks and humans) filled but I'm not going to be a nazi about it. If you want to submit an application for a windling character I will not reject it out of hand.

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Posted links above for the character sheets. Looking forward to seeing some apps.
In regards to when the campaign is taking place, are we around 1420TH when Thoral just opened before the Theran conflict. Its a very uncertain world and ripe for adventure and discovery and the Therans are a unknown threat.

Or is it after the 2nd Theran conflict in 1510 TH?


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