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More on MnM3e and DC adventures

My point was that my characters would have been way cheaper if not for the raised point cost. With the changed point cost, they'll probably be about the same. All my characters tend to end up having insane amounts of skill, even the ones that probably shouldn't.

I think the average character will end up roughly equal, with the borderline cases of scientists, con artists and cha-hogs ending up cheaper.

Some of the feats advantages now have a little paragraph at the bottom saying which sort of DC heroes would have it. Sweet.
  • Many feats advantages are now a circumstance bonuses instead of a flat bonuses.
  • Some combat feats advantages have been simplified in their text & restrictions, like takedown or precise attack.
  • Evasion is now a circumstance bonus instead of the old, odd, 1/2 damage thing.
  • Eidetic memory changed, now a +5 circumstance to remember and resist forgetting, plus expertise skills treated as trained
  • Inspire no longer haves cha restrictions
  • Language is now a feat advantage, BUT, it increases exponentially. No more punishing polyglots.
  • Luck now grants rerolls instead of hero points.
  • Set-up can now be used to grant party-wide bonus.. with additional ranks.
  • Skill mastery, now 4 times more expensive. Comes in line with the grouping & cost change on skills
  • trance, now better
Now i'll start checking on the changes on powers...

Misc change compared to 2e's PDF: the index is now a normal index, instead of being IN ALL CAPS EVERYWHERE HUGE CAPS. I am thankful for this change.

Well one thing I noticed, they got rid of the Container power framework. They still have array's by using the Alternate Effect modifier, and they still have Variable as a power.

Well, containers are still there, you have a "power", with a bunch of effects. There's your container. They just got rid of the silly cost/rank thing that it had.
Frankly, i like the differentiation between "power" and "effect". It's something everybody and their grandmothers were already using in some form or another anyways.

Well, boost is not a problem anymore. If you build it now (using enhanced trait with the fades flaw) you can only do it once per encounter because Fades now says that once it has faded then you need to take time to recharge it (at least an hour).

Weirdly they seem to have ignored that part of 'Fades' with the demo power 'Energy Absorbtion' however. The description says that more attacks can "top off" the amount absorbed.

Overall, I like many of the changes but it seems it may be a challenge converting from 2e to 3e.

  • Range increments now handled differently and the penalty is much less severe: while the max range remains the same, penalties are now -5 for long range and -2 for medium range (instead of progressively applying -2 every rankx10)
  • Extras and Flaws unique to an effect are now colored blue, nice.
  • Cost/rank of extras/flaws is at the end of the description, highlighted. YES!
  • Affliction!, now in all shapes, colors and flavors, enjoy your custom-made affliction today!.
  • Sample powers scattered through the effects list. Ugh. I'd rather have separate sections like UP.
i'll read more on powers later

Really liking the new version, have to admit.


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