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Weird question

Weird question

so I was thinking of perhaps running a light hearted M&M saturday morning cartoon themed adventure at some point. I remembered the old Kim Possible Disney channel show. So out of nowhere a though came to my mind.
"How would I stat the main characters of the show?"

1-Kim possible
2-Ron Stoppable
3-Doctor Draken

I was thinking something along the lines of PL 2-7 with Shego topping things at 7 with her powers and general competence while Ron would barely square 3 in normal circomstances (monkey powers aside)

anyone got any insight to provide?

Don't forget that Ron also has Rufus, who probably needs a good number of ranks in Disable Device, Sleight of hand, and so on. And let's not forget he is known to chew through metal. Also, monkey powers aside. That's a pretty expensive Sidekick.

Sounds like a fun M&M campaign!

I would stat them by picking a power level and giving them whatever powers they should have on the fly, just like any other NPC.

Well also Remeber Draken is Very inept and relies on shego for the most part. So Draken would e either a lower powerlevel than the rest or simply have something that lets him get away alot.

Also Ron in just as inept with one side note.. He has Special Monkey kung-fu powers that activate when he needs them... so yeah.

Hmm, let's see.

Power Level:
7~8 sounds like a good spot for both Kim and Shego, i'd put them at the same power level, with very similar if not identical attack/defense/combat feats and tradeoffs. Shego, being an NPC, would not have the same pp limitations as Kim, so she'd easily be able to buy metal claws and green fire thingy on top of the rest.
Both being martial artists, the martial artist archetype would be a good place to start: attack/dodge shifted and lots of combat feats, perhaps with the gadget belt fitting for a customed adventurer for Kim.

Ron doesn't need to be that much lower than the other two (i'd say 4~5), he just needs a different build mentality:
He would have the feat-set fitting for a sidekick: teamwork would be ideal, inspire too, good focus on evading and dodging, taunting, fascinate, redirect, set-up, perhaps even enhanced trick. He'd definitely have maxed ranks of Luck.
His main job in combat isn't hitting things, it's annoying/distracting foes and setting up the situation for Kim.

The only thing i got to say about Draken is rather poor combat capabilities (occasionally enhanced by a big laser cannon or something), and apparently a very bad wisdom score, which would also make him the ideal target to trick/bluff/taunt, much like in the series.

Originally Posted by Valeiru View Post
Well also Remeber Draken is Very inept and relies on shego for the most part.
That is true, he was laughably inept, that's made him funny. He did do quite well in the movie thought, nearly conquering the world with an actual plan that could of worked if not for meddling Ron. Yeah, luck makes sense.

thanks for the tips guys, I'll try and come up with a skeleton of a sheet and maybe post it here later.

I'd actually put in Wade with a good Computers skill and an amount of money bordering on the obscene: after all, he's the one that pulls strings and gets equipment for Kim, if I recall correctly. Then, have him get every possible gadget there can be.

I'd actually treat Wade as X-grade npc, no sheet, he just helps whenever it's plot-relevant, or Kim pulls the contacts feat.
Unless you want to put him into the action, in which case he'd need stats.

I don't think Wade ever saw action.

He's best left in the background as a plot device.


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