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Pokemon League of America

Pokemon League of America - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This game will be using the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Beta, a homebrew system that can be downloaded here:

Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Beta

Please read the Player Handbook, and become accustomed with the combat rules and the various class options first. Then you may fill out your application. An Application should contain the following.

ApplicationName: The character's name.
Age: And their age. Keep in mind that you're a starting Pokemon trainer, so no adults please.
Appearance: What your character looks like.
Base Stats: Like in D&D, you as a trainer have the six attributes of Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Your stats help determine what class you will eventually become. You may purchase stats at 64 point buy, but each individual attribute must be no less than 6 and no more than 14.
Intended Class: What trainer class(es) or advanced trainer class(es) you plan to enter.
Backstory, Personality, and Plans: Describe your character to me in detail, placing specific importance on what your character's goals are. Do you want to win the Pokemon League? Discover fantastic legendaries? Open a restaurant? Where do you want to take this character at the end of the game?
Starter Pokemon: You may have one level 5 Pokemon at the beginning of the game. You do not have to choose one of the 14 existing starter Pokemon though; any Pokemon that evolves will be considered, but some choices may be rejected. The starters from the four regions, Pikachu, and Eevee will all be automatically accepted though.
Pokemon Wishlist: Not necessary, but list some Pokemon you would like to catch over the course of the game. This is essentially your dream team. No legendaries please.

The tentative due date for applications is August 20.

In Depth Setting Information: The Western Pokemon Conference is rather similar to regions like Hoenn and Johto. The Western Pokemon Conference is made up of California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Nevada. There are eight Pokemon League Gyms in cities across the region, and an Elite Four stationed on Mt. Whitney in Death Valley.

However, there is also a separate American League that champions from the different regions may attend to for the Grand Festival or for the Pokemon League Championships. Similarly, the only Battle Frontier is in Orlando, Florida.

Everything is mapped to real world locations, so you can catch Pokemon in the Central Valley, the Redwood Forests, the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Mt. St. Helens, the islands of Hawaii, and the tundra of Alaska. Explore regions full of Pokemon, but beware, as those who would use Pokemon for evil purposes exist as well.

Application List:

Firelion: Peter - Researcher/Professor/Cryptozoologist (Starter: Elekid)
Saintbroom: Vesta - Coordinator/Breeder/Chef (Starter: Combee)
Streetin: Lloyd - Ranger/Detective/Rider (Starter: Bulbasaur)
Maltus: Leon - Ace Trainer/Type Ace/Chaser (Starter: Pidgey)
Raptoria: Eddie - Ace Trainer/Capture Specialist/Collector (Starter: Krabby)
Revenging Ewok: Luke - Capture Specialist/Artificer/Engineer (Starter: Magnemite)
ReverseAdonis: Lily - Ace Trainer/Stat Ace/Stat Ace (Starter: Koffing)
Ramael: Fujimoto - Capture Specialist/Engineer (Starter: Shinx)
Samurai_Zero: Roku - Ranger/Rider (Starter: Charmander or Vulpix)
TheObsoleteMan: Rick - Ranger/Navigator (Starter: Charmander)
Kazumka353: Miles - Capture Specialist/Collector/Engineer (Starter: Cyndaquil)
Wyrm: Miguel - Ace Trainer/Gym Battler (Starter: Sandshrew)
Generic_PC: Gregory - Breeder (Starter: Swablu)
Draylos: Dray - Martial Artist/Aura User/Black Belt (Starter: Riolu)
Eldritch_Myrmidon: Pike - Ace Trainer/Psychic (Starter: Growlithe)

Game Description:

The Pokemon League of America! From the Battle Frontier in sunny Orlando, to the Grand Festival Hall in New York City, to the Pokemon League Championships in Washington DC, America is the home of the most prestigious Pokemon League in the world. Trainers from all over the country raise, train, and battle Pokemon on their journey to become Pokemon Masters.

You have just joined up with a group of other Pokemon trainers as part of the Western Pokemon Conference. Starting out in beautiful San Luis Obispo, you'll travel from Los Angeles from Anchorage, from Honolulu to Las Vegas, to the Elite Four stationed at the peak of Mt. Whitney. What kind of trainer do you want to become, and how will you become a Pokemon Master?

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Question: Will we be limited to the Western US, or will we be allowed to explore other areas as well?

Originally Posted by Firelion View Post
Question: Will we be limited to the Western US, or will we be allowed to explore other areas as well?
The Western Pokemon League is limited to those states, but I have plans for several locations, should you choose to explore them, including Orlando, NYC, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and Tijuana.

You could go anywhere in the world, potentially, but the gyms and contest halls I have plans for are in the west coast. I'm open to including jaunts to various locales across the world, if that's what the players would like though.

Cool, just curious. I'm definitely interested. I'll get a character up soon. If I can figure out how all of this works. Which I should be able to

For point buy, is it a 1:1 ratio?

Downloaded the link you've put up, going to take a look and keep an open mind (still play the games every now and again but I've seen some awful attempts at making this work).

I've had some thoughts, and I have a question. What is the tone you'd like? Bright & Up Beat?
Like Real Sorcerer's setting
Dark & Grim? Rule 34?

My goal is to overlay the same tone that the Pokemon games already have with depth and realism of the real world and roleplay. There will be evil, and occasionally even death, but the focus is going to be on the characters' journeys. It'll be rather upbeat, but still fairly serious.

I'm not really planning on a grimdark story in this game at least (although I do have plans for another setting that might fit that description).

Originally Posted by EvilJoe15 View Post
Like Real Sorcerer's setting
Dark & Grim?
Hey, whatever happened to him? I was a play-tester for him, but he kinda just up and quit on our group.


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