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Gotham's Finest

Gotham's Finest - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Game Type

New World of Darkness / Mortals Game


Gotham City
Alternate DC Universe Earth using various Batman sources (Comics, Animated Show, Games, Movies, Etc.)
Batman has vanished from the shadows of the city, very early in his career. Bruce Wayne's story has him listed that he was in a "car crash" for his current handicap state. The various crime families and psychopaths that infest the city are starting to notice the disappearance of the Bat now and the city is becoming a cesspool of lawlessness once again. The game is primarily using the movies Batman Begins/The Dark Knight as its main source in the dark reality of the world and the fact that no other superheroes exist. This doesn't mean that some of Bat's villains with superpowers aren't going to show up at some point. I may throw in some known DC characters as their non-super selves around in the news or in Gotham City itself still just for the fun of it.

Character Creation

All characters will be part of the Gotham City Police Department, as sworn officers. Because of this there are a few minimum requirements to builds, since I do honestly want realistic officers. I do however promise there will be XP to be handed out to players before the game actually kicks off. I don’t give out extra XP before general character creation is complete to have people prove they can make well rounded characters and avoid people from front loading. Not knowing if you’re getting 5 or 30 XP forces you to build a workable character out of the gate. If you want to be a detective and can’t make the minimum at creation, keep in mind the additional XP I will be giving out. As you can be a newly promoted Detective if you can meet the requirements at that point. Let me know if you will be planning to build for a Detective please. Also keep in mind I will most likely be paring characters as well. Yes, that means you will be getting a PARTNER. No glory hounding! So if I only get two people that want to be Detectives and everyone else wants to be patrol officers then guess what…

Allowed Source Books

World of Darkness Core, Dogs of War, Asylum, Tales from the 13th Precinct, Midnight Roads, Armory
If it comes from ANY other source book, I MUST approve it first.


Please post applications in this thread.

Character Sheet

The Thin Blue Line

Patrol Officers-
(Complete) Railroad9 - Billy Harrow
(Complete) Atewi – Isidora Castillo
(Complete) AmyRose - Mary Jane Doran (K9)
(Complete) Trunk Jackson - Scott Jackson
(Complete) Cbeckwith411 - Ed Alvarez

Detectives -
(Complete) Grimgordragon - Jack Fletcher
(Complete) CarpeGuitarrem – Fernie Bluggs
(Complete) GMDMMDMG - Connor Murray (ERU)
(Complete) DrakeStryker - Drake Murphy

Possible Applications / Reserve Players
Yun – Felicia Gonzalez
Lobo - Thomas Sutherland (ERU)

Application Deadline
August 14th @ Midnight E.S.T.

Game Description:

Gotham's Finest
Batman has vanished. The Caped Crusader is no longer patrolling the streets of Gotham. Crime and corruption have once again begun to flood the city streets. Can the men and woman that walk the thin blue line of the Gotham City Police Department handle the evil that threatens their city? Will they risk everything to protect their city from becoming Hell on Earth or will they become part of the cancer if only to manage to survive?

Gotham's Finest Wiki

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Jack Fletcher

Personality A little brash, a little too smart, and very good at what he does makes him a good cop. Sorta of an obnoxious human though. His friends are few and his loves are brief. He does try to relate to people but just never seems to quite get "there"

Background He grew up middle American. Decent family with most of the male side serving on the Force in one way or another. His Father died on duty when he was ten and that sent his mother into a spiral of drinking and depreciation. It would have been terrible for young Jack but for his Uncle and his Uncle's best friend. His Uncle took care of him as often as he could at home and his friend set him up at the best schools and made sure he had everything. It didn't help that his Uncle was an enforcer and bodyguard and he worked for the Penguin and that his friend was in fact the Penguin. Later on Jack learned mostly where the money was coming from but this being Gotham you took what you could. He joined the Police force like his father wanted and very very quickly went up through the ranks. He is hoping to get the promotion for detective any time now.

Sheet: WIP

As it stands I'll be looking to pick up 6 players if possible. I'll have the application process open for awhile. I havent decided on a close date yet. If things maintain this slow however I might start a couple people when they get their characters finished and add the rest as I get them.

Do we have to make actual on the street cops or can guys who work in the labs for forensics be ok?

The point is kind of to get the characters out into the streets to run across the criminals like the Joker, Scarecrow, Bane, etc. Being stuck in a lab all day is going to be kinda boring. If you really want to try and sell it to me, I might consider it. Alot of CSI personnel and the lab techs arent sworn officers. Which takes away from a lot of the game's premise.

So the players (GC police and detectives) will be coming across criminals like the Joker and Bane? Ouch... o.o' I'll take a look at the rulebook, really familiar with Batman but not so much WoD.

How much actual police force knowledge are you going to be looking for us to bring in? I've got a decent handle on the Batman 'verse, but very little knowledge of police work, even fictional.

Originally Posted by CarpeGuitarrem View Post
How much actual police force knowledge are you going to be looking for us to bring in? I've got a decent handle on the Batman 'verse, but very little knowledge of police work, even fictional.
I'd say he'd lose a good number of players if he expected us to actually know much about police procedure. I'm planning on reading a little Precinct 13 and maybe some wiki, that's it. If we're about as close as most cop shows (excepting stuff like The Wire), then I'd say we're good. There's very little actual accurate police work reflected in most cop media.


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