Completely Off Topic

Completely Off Topic

Okay, me being me, I been looking at Mutants and Masterminds 3 and thinking, "Ya know, that's a game genre I'm not playing currently." I've got my D&D fix in a few games, my Star Wars fix here, but I just don't have anything superheroey.

Naturally, I haven't read all the rules for the new game yet. Therefore, I think I am the perfect person to start a multi-GM game in MnM3. Any of you want to join me in the crazy idea? I'd rather get folks I know before I get anyone else, especially since I actually like playing with you guys.

I was looking into a MNM game a while back with my tabletop group but it fell through. I'm not extremely familiar with the system or combat but I have all the books and I think I know enough to pull it off so I'd definitely be in.

I even have a character I made for that game entered into myth weavers though I might be change my character given the nature of the game.

Just quick note, I was looking at MnM version 3. Though, if everyone wanted MnM 2 instead I'd be down with that.

Really, really, recent. Like ... huh... Aug 31, 2010

Actually it's called DC Adventures. It's secret identity is MnM 3.

You can get the pdf by pre-ordering the hardcover book.

What's a good name for the game? I'm drawing a blank today.

No idea, but I'm tentatively in. I liked MM2 a lot, even if I did spend most of it trying to be a mimic.

Heroes and Blackguards.

Join up if you like.

On another note, think I'll leave this thread here for any totally off the wall stuff people want to talk about.


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