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Dangit, I don't have time for another game, but its supers. I LOVE supers. How can I not play. I'll consider picking up DC Adventures.

This game style is so much fun, I can't not play a supers based one.

By the way, am I up in rotation next for adventure? So far i've scrapped everythign I had planned b/c Chimera's super length adventure used 1/3 of it.

Rancors were 1/3 of your adventure? :P

That said, in terms of posts, my game is(was) actually pretty average in length.

You or narrow should be up next. Up to you two to figure it out. Course, if narrow goes you might lose another 1/3d

And who can't love Supers?!? Not you can't. Yes no you may not.

Oh, bring more rancors. Grey could use another warm up for a real fight.

I thought I was up next. I haven't really thought of anything but that's kind of how I roll anyway so I was going to go with it.

I'm game either way, me or narrow next.

I was only planning 3-5 encounters (like we recommended somewhere) and so far had roughly 3, one of which being rancors.

PS, I'm already guilty of this too, but we need to make sure this thread doesn't become OOC. This one is for stuff that has nothing to do with Lost Episodes.


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