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I don't believe I needed Robot Chicken to point this out for me! So Lando betrays Han, has him frozen, steals his ship, befriends his Wookiee best friend, maintains his contacts with the Rebellion AND steals his clothes?!

You never noticed that before?

No doubt Lando raided Han's closet, but it actually seems that's what every Corellian pirate wears. They have uniforms!

Bet Lando was pissed he had to lose the cape to wear that.

I wonder what the canon level of the MMORPG SW Old Republic will be?

And why can't the guys who made that trailer get 90 minutes of film to fill? Well, okay, 30 minutes. Give Gendy 60 minutes to fill in character details.

PS- Trailer is here:

The canon level of the MMo will probably be the same as Galaxies: no PC is canon, but NPCs, locations and quests are and canon assumes completist light side outcome.

Could end up with lots of new droids and weapons and armor then.


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