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Freeclint wins a Death Star.

Btw, preening aside, we're all the reason why the game is still here. I've had a few games fail since I started this one, but LE keeps on going. We're all a part of that.

Any my current ad is for an Ancient Frog.....

If anyone wants to join up in a heavy-houserule 3.5 game, I could use an extra body in

It's not an optimization game; more of a medium combat, medium rp thing. As we all know, I'm not a rules-god, so there's that going against the game :P

Btw, for the record, anyone can recruit from this game for their other games in this thread. I'm secure enough in the format of this one to not get bent out of shape out of something so minor. Just do it in this thread.

You right, I get a ton of Lost DVD ads when I'm in this game.

In March of '09 I actually started using MythWeavers to play games, instead of just a storehouse for character sheets. I joined a couple of games that, naturally, failed in short order. About 3 weeks into my PbP career, I realized that what I missed the most about tabletop games was everyone taking a turn GMing games. Now, usually, when it happened in tabletop we also changed games with GMs. We didn't have a lot of continuity, but it was high school and who the hell cared as long as we got to act like dorks in every game.

I asked in General Discussion about doing a rotating GM game and pretty much everyone told me it was sure to fail and a bad idea. Well, I had 50 posts or so to my credit, and what the hell did those old timers with thousands of posts know?!? I decided to go off the reservation and try it anyway. So I tried Game Planning and asked again. A couple of folks expressed some interest. Good enough for me.

A couple of days later I created the game. Took a couple of days since I had to write up my ad, and then edit it about 10 times as I changed and changed and changed my mind on things.

The game ad had 5 responses. Everyone got in (Tsuyo). I advertised on another site where people meet up to arrange games in any system. We picked up one more person (Narrow). We had 7 total.

And Lost Episodes was officially underway.

I had never GM'd a single game of Saga, and hadn't seriously GM'd in, oh, centuries.

That first game, looking back, was poorly paced and I'm amazed the game kept going. It also served to eliminate a couple of folks. By August we were down to Narrow, Tsuyo, and me. The Second Generation was recruited. Again, everyone who actually bothered to apply got in. Freeclint is the only survivor.

A couple of months later we opened again. The Third Generation was recruited. I laugh when I read the ad for this wave. We gained Chimaera, who I half got the idea joined just to see Tsuyo in action. :P I also think this was the only ad where we actually refused someone with a completed application because we had too many apps. That still boggles my mind too.

Ten months later we opened for the Fourth Generation. Once again, we took everyone with a full app. Michael is still around.

Now, we're 3 weeks shy of our 2nd anniversary. Congratulations to everyone.

As usual, I will be rewarding the group with some sort of birthday present. I'm thinking a feat and a rebuild, but I'm open to ideas.


If we keep this up we'd genuinely risk becoming the longest running PbP game ever, and the thought of that scares me a little - I'm not used to developing the same character for more than three months. Congrats folks, you've done it by making as little a commitment as humanly possible (except DrK, without which this game would've died ages ago), be proud, you now care for something. And it's on the internet.

Resist the urge to seek out cliffs and tall buildings.

I do love this game. Sorry that I missed out this adventure. I'm glad I got my adventure run before the little one was born. I'm doing better now on my posting in other games, from my phone at work albeit. So Naru is back in for the next adventure.

This is a really good group and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks DRK

Well I haven't been around so far but I still got a good feeling about this group I just hope it will continue to carry on so that I too can get the experience of someting as epic as an long term pBp game.

Thx to you all to let me share this

Two years? Seriously? Man that seems like a long time.

Thankfully the crew has only gotten more and more insane as time has gone on.

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