Ok the time has come. But with a catch. First the list of accepted players/characters

Basil_Bottletop (Apht-Sidian)
Atewi (Lilihandra Tanisharil)
pandapeep (Shadow Whisper)
RelentlessImp (Ilsme Rasputin)
deafnotdumb (Kaar)
bushwhacked (Teoxihuitl)
Hydroc (Nacil Jenanko)
Maxwell (Jules Moriarty)
STFreely (Gudeet)
loser0ll (Danath Morrinson)
evedgebah (Elirhondas Ashuooo)
Venia (TBD)

So congratulations to all, but now the catch. This is a preliminary acceptance. I had so many good apps that I could not whittle it down with good conscience. I decided that I would like to see your characters in action, therefore I am going to have a prologue in which the captain sends you on a task. This will allow me to judge your roleplaying and make a final decision. If this is not favorable for you, then bow out (no hard feelings), but if you would like a chance to play your character and earn a spot, then I will be glad to have you.

Please proceed to the forums. You can begin your sheets as well. Please post a stat block in the Characters forum when complete and introduce yourself in the Prologue RP when it's up. Game invitations will be sent to the players accepted after the prologue, so please don't flood my inbox with requests.