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Rise of the Runelords-4e

Rise of the Runelords-4e - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

As some of you might have gathered, this is a conversion of the Pathfinder Adventure Path to 4e D&D. This is an amalgam of this gentleman's work (http://rustydragon.blogspot.com/) with a healthy dose of my own to make it exciting. We're starting with the first chapter of the AP, that being Burnt Offerings. The player's have just had a grand old time at the annual Swallowtail Festival and a fair amount of mischief has just erupted at the unveiling of Sandpoint's new cathedral. We're looking for a couple of strong armed/willed folk to help keep things under control.

Currently I have 3 players (technically 4 but the last fell off the site and the search party hasn't come back yet) and we're looking to recruit up to a party of 6. We're running with a deva wizard, human fighter, and a dwarven warlord. It's also worth noting that I don't care about party composition. I'll tailor the encounters to what we have rather than what the party should look like. So that's worth taking into account. We'll be working off the gold standard of character creation:
Level 2
22-point buy
360 gold
1 Level 1 Magic Item
1 Level 2 Magic Item
1 Level 3 Magic Item
1 free weapon/implement expertise feat
As long as it's available to the DDI Character Builder, then it's fine by me.

More importantly, I'm looking for someone to help me with tracking and updating maps. I can provide the original and will be doing all of the rolling on my end, but I need help with keeping the beast current. I don't care whether you use maptools, ditzie, googledocs, or whatever just so long as it gets done in a timely manner and is available for the PCs to use readily. Without going into the gruesome detail, I've semi-permanently injured my right hand. This has made typing and mousing awkward at best and to update (and re-update because I make a fair amount of mistakes) takes me a very long time thus necessitating my request for assistance. I'm okay with this person also being one of the PCs, but I'm going to need this position filled or else this isn't going to get off the ground.

I will answer any and all questions pertaining to this in a timely manner, but I'll be out of commission for about a week. In the interim I hope player's can help me out and for what they can't answer I will be more than happy to discuss upon my return.

Application Setup

Thanks for your interest,
Love Eggs.

Game Description:

The town of Sandpoint needs you!

Whatpoint? Sandwho? Whatwho? If the name of this friendly little coastal town doesn’t mean anything to you yet, never fear—you're soon to find out. Here, they’ll make friends, buy their first suit of armor, visit their first tavern, and eventually tangle with monsters. It’s the start of a brand-new campaign, one set in the world of Golarion, the setting for the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. The adventures your PCs are about to embark on will determine the fate of not just Sandpoint, but the surrounding region of Varisia as well. If they fail, their friends and countrymen might well be doomed to a new age of slavery and horror, but if they succeed, their triumphs shall be recorded by sages and kings, their immortality assured. They will become the latest entry into the Pathfinder Chronicles.

That’s the idea behind the setting of Pathfinder— a place where the triumphs of heroes and the workings of villains are recorded in a constantly evolving codex of tales spanning centuries. For much of written history, world events followed charted routes. Oracles and seers mapped out the future in the stars above, and their prophecies always gave a reliable view of the ages to come.

Until a god died a century ago. No one saw that coming, and now, the old prophecies are failing. Oracles go mad and seers desperately try to account for the loss of the future. While some cry out that the world is at an end, they’ve been doing so for 100 years now. And the world’s still here. It’s just unclear where things are going. The future of Golarion is open, ready to receive the triumphs and failures of a new generation of heroes.

Because, as we all know, PCs have a knack for doing the unexpected. How could any oracle or sage predict what they’ll get up to next?

The only thing beyond the reach of my fists is humanity.
Posting severe interest, working on a character now.

I'm serious about that severe interest, it was a painful experience and I expect it should take some time to recover from this unexpected physical shock.

Also, I do maps! I use a PDF extractor to pull the maps out of the module itself and then put it up on ditzie. Here's an example from my own 4e Kingmaker game: http://ditzie.com/app/4c0dfbaa6fc7f

Definitely interested. Never played in the pathfinder setting before but everyone talks of it like it's the best thing since the invention of the d20.

I have a human avenger that has been bumbling around my head for a bit that I'd like to write up. I'll sort it out shortly and post it for consideration.

Posting Interest. I can help with maps, etc, but really don't want to do that for another game, just want to hit things with a sword...

I'll toss my hat in the ring as well. I just finished re-vamping a low-level paladin with updated info from Divine Power, and I'm itching to try him out! Downside? How do you feel about a Good (ok, Unaligned) hobgoblin paladin dedicated to a non-evil war god, intent on someday carving out a peaceful nation for his people?

If that's too over the top, I can convert him to a tiefling or dragonborn without much difficulty. I'll wait on your race ruling before posting the rest of the app.

As for help updating:

Use of a combat adjudicator that's player-editable goes a long way toward ironing this out. Post relevant monster stats (Defense values primarily) so players can tell whether they hit or miss. If you like to conceal HP totals, a GoogleDocs spreadsheet can automatically calculate conditions. "
Full HP
Unhurt", "
damaged, but more than 1/2 HP total
Hurt", "
half to 1/4 HP
Bloodied", "
1/4 HP or less
Near Death", and "Dead" are commonly-used indicators.

Along the lines DrMorganes mentioned, I use a combat worksheet in google docs for the game I run. It's setup so that the DM can enter the monsters defenses on sheet 2 and sheet 1 has boxes where the players can enter their attack roll results and get told whether they hit or miss. I can easily make one for you if you'd like. Obviously it does trust that the players aren't just going to look at the scores on the second sheet but most of us are adults, I think we can be trusted not to cheat in a friendly game of DnD.

Posting interest, would you allow a dwarven battlemind?

Posting interest. I will work on a Deva Swordmage, and post the application as soon as it is finished.

I am very interested in playing. I will have a Dwarf Bear Shaman posted a bit later today.


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