Uniting the Silver Streams (Exalted 2nd Edition)

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Uniting the Silver Streams (Exalted 2nd Edition)

Uniting the Silver Streams - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Lunars are not the excellent leaders and peerless generals Solars are. Yet it never stopped them before, and it shouldn't stop you guys as you try to build a society that will endure the test of time and the Realm's armies and monsters from beyond. The task will not be easy, however. There will be enemies of your project, and critics among the Silver Pact whose societies may come into conflict with yours. You have to make your people as strong as the Stewards if they are to prevail and not be washed away - you along with them.

I will mostly be accepting Lunars, and up to five players. Other non-Alchemical Exalted are also welcome, but only after we have one of each Lunar Castes (which shouldn't be too hard, hopefully). My non-Lunar preferences tend towards Solars and renegade Abyssals, though I am willing to consider Sidereals, Terrestrials and Infernals as well. While non-Exalts are also possible, they should be careful to fit in with a group of Exalted and be capable of providing a unique talent. Anyone who wants to create a non-Exalt should probably cooperate with me in character generation for my rulings on the subject. Above all else, everyone should have a unique narrative and mechanical niche, at least at the start of the game. And if nothing else, Lunars are flexible - show that flexibility in your characters. Those with Lunar mates should preferably not decide on who their Lunar mate is without confirming it with me.

The house rules are thusly:

House Rules- Everyone gets 15 XP to start with, at least 10 of which must be spent.
- Lunar Exalted use these character generation rules.
- Essence 3 (and only Essence 3) costs 6 bonus points for Solars, Abyssals and Infernals and 8 bonus points for all other Exalts.
- Solars and Abyssals get 5 free Excellencies chosen from their Caste and Favored Abilities, Lunars get 2 free Excellencies chosen from their Caste and Favored Attributes, Sidereals and Terrestrials get 4 free Excellencies chosen from their Aspect, Auspicious and Favored Abilities, while Green Sun Princes get all current and future purchases of their Caste's Patron Yozi for free.
- New fields of Craft can be opened by paying the cost of a one-dot Craft specialty. Anyone who buys dots in Craft starts with one free field. This specialty does not add dice to Craft rolls.
- There are only 9 fields of Craft: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Glamour, Magitech, Vitriol and Genesis. Any other Craft ability either uses another Craft, the lower of Craft and another ability, or Lore.
- Sorcery and necromancy initiation Charms grant one spell of the appropriate circle for free.
- Flaws and Merits are allowed on a provisional and case-by-case basis. Note that Flaws will give me carte blanche for springing undesirable things on your character and should be carefully taken even when allowed.
- Artifact reinforced breastplate costs 2 dots, while artifact articulated plate and superheavy plate cost 3 dots.
- Homebrew Charms are allowed on a case-by-case basis as long as you provide me the source and ask for my approval. Anything not from a printed book is considered homebrew for the purposes of this rule.

Please quote the post and copy the character sheet from the quote post screen to keep the formatting. DO NOT copy it directly from the post, for that will lose the formatting. Italicize your Favored and Caste abilities or attributes. List your Excellencies and Charms under the proper Attribute, Ability or Yozi name, rather than grouped together as Excellencies and Charms.


Submitted Character Sheets

Full Moon
Boundless Sky by Deca
Winter King Unbound by ChronicLunacy
Tepet Viridius (Air Aspect) by CrimsonRogue

Changing Moon

No Moon
Eternal Craftsman by SkyBoundFencer
Eyes of the Bull and the Sky by Chaos Emerald
Torin by Gaius of Xor
Iris of the Green (Twilight Caste) by Natedojo

Game Description:

The world of the sun was weak and complacent.

To survive, the world of the moon must be strong and alert.

These are the tenets that drive the grand projects that comprise the Thousand-Streams River. Since the Usurpation, the Silver Pact has looked back on the First Age and tried to find ways to make humanity independently mighty and capable of standing tall without the eternal support of the Exalted - who are fallible and mortal. There are many opinions on the matter, and as such, the Thousand Streams River is diverse and never-ending.

Sometimes, however, Lunars share opinions on the matter. Whether it be only because they are allies among the Silver Pact, or because they truly believe in the same method of making humanity stronger, some projects, rare though they might be, are led by pairs or packs of Stewards. Often, these packs are young and idealistic, and their societies are often reflective of themselves. Most fail, as the Moonchildren move on to new projects, often alone. Some succeed.

You are one of those young packs. Which one is the fate of your project?

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Here's what I have so far.

Heart's Blood Library :

The application:

I'm interested. Is it okay to make multiple applications? Also, will you be accepting applications all at once or as you see ones you like?

iam interested - as a full moon.

Khantalas - i PMed you a few questions.

Posting to express interest, almost certainly as a No Moon (popular choice, I see).

I'll get to filling out a character sheet soonish.


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