Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

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Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Serpent's Skull - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Estimated Members Requested: 5

The GameSargava is a land on the verge, simultaneously pushing on the edge of the map of the Inner Sea and facing an uncertain political future. The nigh impassable jungles of the Mwangi Expanse and the permanent hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego isolate Sargava from the rest of Garund, and its closest neighbors are only nominally nations themselves. The former Chelish colony also stands at the threshold of a new future free from colonial rule, making all things possible. Yet the citizens of Sargava were not the first to attempt to carve civilization out of the wild region—since the dawn of history, humanity has strived to form great kingdoms amid the dangers of the Mwangi Expanse. Crumbled ruins are all that remain of these vanished empires, and even their names have been forgotten by history. Some scholars even whisper that lost ruins of the ancient Azlanti empire may be found in the unexplored jungles, but these crackpot theories are dismissed by more reputable sages. But whatever their origins, these ruins may provide incredible wealth and power to those who rediscover them. This dangerous land and the wilderness beyond serve as the setting of the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path.

Your DMJust your average fellow who's gotten himself hooked on Pathfinder. I've been around for two years or so, and have been in several games since that time- though not of PFRPG. Seeing the sudden boom in games, I've picked up a copy of the newest AP book and am going to take my own stab at DMing what I feel is the best system yet. As a DM, I particurarly encourage creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. Just because there's not a rule for it doesn't mean it can't happen. I hope to get an active group going for this, and with luck, follow all the way through the Serpent's Skull AP; which promises to be excellent, judging by the first offering.

Our PlayersI'm looking for a total of five players to join me for this. You do not need to have much experience with the Pathfinder game to join- this will be my first time DMing PF, too. As with any group, I hope to get active players who can, hopefully, post multiple times a day. Of course, things always come up, but I'd prefer not to wait for one person to get the group moving. If you're interested in applying, please use the following format and post in this thread, and also please read the Serpent Skull Player's Guide, available as a free download here. Applications have no set close date, but will instead be the point at which I find myself with a headache trying to decide who I want to choose.

Race and Class:
Appearance: Blah, blah, generic appearance, blah.
Personality: What makes 'em tick?
Background: Why is your character heading to Sargava, what is he looking for/leaving behind? Three paragraphs minimum, please.

Current Applications
Korl the Unlucky, Half-Elf Summoner
Ramon, Human Rogue
Zandu, Human Oracle

Moar Background Plz
Dathom, Human Druid
Wooly Rupert, Halfling Rogue

Purity-Riot, Saurian Summoner
Kain Azlan, Human Inquisitor
Verain, Human Ranger
Xollira, Elf Witch

My Characters: Shadow's Vault

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This looks fun! Posting interest! Going to read the guide and see what grabs me...


Very excited! I'll get an app in ASAP.
You say that anything on the SRD is allowed... but you linked to d20PFSRD... are you including the 3rd party stuff that is on the d20 site in that blanket statement?

I'm up for it.

Do you want us to do our dice rolls for stats in the Applications thread in order to submit a complete character? Or would you rather just see concepts/backgrounds first?

I've got an idea for a character that should mesh well. Gonna have a look at the player's guide and see if I can make it a seamless fit.

Name: Patricion

Race and Class: Saurian Summoner

Age, Height and Weight: 71 years old, 5'2", 144 lbs.

Appearance: Chalk white scales on his chest, slowly changing to a bright yellow on his shoulders, arms, hips and legs, and a mustard yellow on his forearms, hands, calves and feet. He has dark green, reptilian eyes, with a swooping crest on his forehead that reaches down to slightly below the base of his neck. His face and neck are the same mustard yellow of his hands and feet.

Patricion is lackluster at best. He is often found moping, philosophysing about times past to anyone who will listen. The world has left him behind, and so he feels little for the here and now, always thinking about the next step, so that he'll be there when the future comes.

Patricion was once a tutor, teaching the nuances of magic to the children of nobles. As he grew older, younger men came and replaced him. Having been a teacher all his life, he had never spent much time adventuring and plying his trade, and so when the younger teachers came, full of youth and experience from the new world, he could not compete. He now has set out into the world to learn more of his summoning art, and plans to return with knowledge that none have ever found before

- Character sheet coming

Is there a thread for rolling?


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