World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

World of Farland Contest! Major Prizes!

Originally Posted by LordOfTheDucks View Post
I should enter this lovely contest. And by the grace of modal verbs, I shall!

I'll be submitting a spool of literature after I root through the Farland setting at present. Is there room to wedge in a new divinity?
If by that you mean add a new god, probably not. The metaphysics has been carefully planned out. Check here and here. That being said, we'd love to have you enter the contest!

Farland, this sounds like a great idea!! And with awards. Maybe the key to finally get me writing that story in a Farland setting. Some big names here already: Agricolus, Valanduil, Dr. Morganes, InaVegt, and many others.

I would like to throw in my pen to the ring, with some World of Farland prose. I will work on a concept and have it to you right away...

Sounds great, Kany!

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
If by that you mean add a new god, probably not. The metaphysics has been carefully planned out. Check here and here. That being said, we'd love to have you enter the contest!
God status is superfluous to the entity I'd introduce, even though 'he' began as an entry to a God sandbox. It's a planar custodian of sorts, an avatar of decay and food-chain mediated revivification, a 'God' of Maggots if you will ('God of Maggots' would even make a suitable epithet for the outsider). I trust this falls under a larger deva's domain, but just as there are archdevils, I imagine there are Seraphim and outsiders-of-distinction so far unremarked upon.

Otherwise, digesting the metaphysics. Everything is so well in its place, shuffling the celestial deck would be a shame, but whence else comes intrigue?

Edit: Seeing as the Maelstrom already reforges the immortal souls in flux on the Material Plane, I'm more seeing this custodian as being charged with cleaning up the refuse of their mortal coils.

It's true, you could come up with a non-god based outsider that might make for a good story. Just make sure he doesn't break the metaphysics and you are good to go.

Farland, I have a concept for my prose in mind, which I would like to present for your approval. I would like to write a short (3k - 5k words) about Wawmar before its fall. Because it is a short it will likely entail the story of one individual, or two, from the dwarves that live in Wawmar or of those that serve the Lord of Greed. Will this be okay?

Sounds good, Kanavel!

Originally Posted by Farland View Post
Sounds good, Kanavel!
Thanks, Farland!

Say, Far - in my story, I'll have to invent a poker-style card game - I figure it will be a 7-suit deck - each one named after a deadly sin, but it will be 10-card suits. That way, there will be plenty of permutations, if you consider that the suits will be arranged in the order of relative supposed effectiveness of the different sins - I'm assuming Wrath is the strongest, and Sloth the weakest (Farlandworld history timeline suggests that). That, and a Maverick-style fancy 'dude' Orc who some believe to be the best player in Farland.

This could be a lot of fun.

Hey Agricolus, good luck on your writing. I always like what you write.

In a Farland game I was playing we had a card game that we played. So those types of games do exist in this world. My character got beat out though at the game.


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